hr | Reflex is a modular automated underwriting system that provides immediate and risk-adequate decisions directly at the point of sale. It supports all sales channels and leverages the full potential of an all-digital business process, increasing turnover and profitability. Due to its unique flexibility, allowing new products or features to be integrated very easily, your future investments in product innovations are safe.

Risk assessment at the point of sale

hr | ReFlex allows you to make an immediate and qualified risk assessment on a wide variety of life & health insurances and to issue policies at the point of sale.

Depending on your individual mix of sales channels, applications can be processed directly by the end consumer, online and mobile, through bank clerks or terminals, through agents and brokers, through tele-underwriting as well as through aggregator sites or other retail channels.

You can map your customers’ journey more closely due to a minimal set of fully reflexive questions and the inherent flexibility of the system. The underlying logic reacts to any applicant’s disclosure with contextual questions, thus enabling a truly smart application process.

You will benefit from increased sales and a significant reduction in client dropout rates. Fewer cases will need to be referred to your underwriting team.

Intelligent search functions guarantee both, an optimal user experience, and accurate and consistent risk disclosure. The enhanced dialogue eliminates incomplete applications and considerably reduces any requests for doctor’s reports, thus saving processing time and cost per application.

hr | ReFlex can be your solution to a wide variety of automated underwriting goals, from straight through decision-making to triaging requirements on medically underwritten applications.

An automation rate of up to 90% can be achieved for mortality risks.

Design your customer’s journey

Speed-to-market is a key success factor for you in today’s dynamic environment, where a competitive offer for your customers is just a click away.

Whether you want to introduce new insurance products, extend your reach with new sales channels or distribution partners, run a quick year-end campaign, optimise a customer's journey for a specific target segment, or dynamically adapt your underwriting profile: hr | ReFlex is flexible enough to respond to market challenges.

The customisable rule base, sales platform and real-time business monitoring allows changes to be made quickly, efficiently and transparently.

Life & health underwriting expertise

hr | ReFlex is available for a comprehensive set of products and risks. It embodies decades of Hannover Re’s research, and was developed in a partnership approach together with many of our clients, who also have very extensive experience in automated underwriting in very diverse markets.

You will immediately improve the consistency and accuracy of your decision-making and risk selection by applying this wealth of underwriting expertise. Assessments are more easily reproduced and the reasoning behind any decision is transparent, comprehensible and well-documented.

Data gathered during the application process is validated and enriched by auditable information. You will benefit from our constant research and the incremental evolution based on new medical treatments and disease ratings. hr | ReFlex provides you with regular knowledge updates – including any pertinent legal, regulatory or regional market changes – to ensure you are always operating with the best possible risk assessment expertise in your environment.

Furthermore, third-party data sources can be integrated into the assessment process at any time to supplement and verify applicant disclosure. Rules can be set up to automatically reconcile data streams.

hr | ReFlex includes a set of standard data source connectors and can be extended to receive data from other systems that need to be integrated into the sales process.

hr | ReFlex encourages individual changes to the standard rule base.

Our local experts provide efficient and convenient change management services and guarantee quick turn-around times, smooth processes and verified quality.

Comprehensive set of risks and products

Modular architecture

hr | ReFlex has been designed from ground up with data protection and compliance in mind. The system provides audit proof documentation of the entire application process, conforming to the strictest regulatory requirements.

hr | ReFlex is based on a modular architecture and offers a comprehensive set of micro-services to connect to from every platform or environment. All customer-facing and administrative applications are web-based, support mobile devices and require zero deployment.

Administrators will be pleased with the variety of deployment options for our back-end services and our dedicated support for decentralised operations, load balancing and fail-over. hr | ReFlex can be operated as a hosted solution (SaaS) or on the client’s premises.

In-depth management information

hr | ReFlex includes a powerful real-time management information component that provides the level of detail you require for your operative and strategic decisions. Ad-hoc reporting and analysis tools provide you with a multitude of business insights into:

  • Distribution channel performance and periodic sales figures incl. customer demographics
  • Effectiveness of underwriting based on facts and statistical evidence
  • Potential changes to your customer journey, e. g. streamlined questionnaires
  • Likely causes for claims and any other risk indicators

hr | ReFlex management information is an indispensable tool for monitoring sales and underwriting performance in order to ensure profitability of the underwritten business.

Real-time monitoring of sales and underwriting performance

hr | ReFlex at a glance

Senior management

Your goals

Our offer

  • Decrease cost per application and improve process efficiency to stay ahead of your competition
  • Reduce your operational risk in underwriting, business and IT by relying on our service portfolio
  • Attractive license terms and affordable rollout cost for quick return on capital invested


Your goals

Our offer

  • Scale business volume as required but keep sales or administration cost at an almost constant level
  • Make changes to your sales process, customer journey or underwriting policy when you need them
  • Unified process across distribution channels and customer segments with online sales monitoring


Your goals

Our offer

  • Limit manual underwriting to special cases while automation can reach up to 90% for mortality risks
  • Adapt decision rules easily per client and region
  • Complete, consistent and accurate decision-making and risk selection including case documentation

IT operations

Your goals

Our offer

  • Profit from minimal integration efforts due to the highly configurable architecture based on micro-services
  • Achieve excellent compliance and low operational risk
  • Complete service portfolio including dependable service level agreements, cloud services, worldwide support


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