We want to consolidate and expand our position as a leading, globally active and above average performing reinsurance group. We know that profit and the creation of value are the basis for sustainable development in the interest of our customers, shareholders, employees and other business partners. For this reason we have the following goals:

  • We want to grow profitably.
  • We protect our capital.
  • We want to be a sought after business partner.
  • We promote our staff’s qualification and willingness to perform.
  • We believe in a lean organisation.
  • We act in accordance with all legal requirements and with our attitude of fair and cooperative collaboration.

Our holistic “performance excellence” management system helps us to implement our strategy. This allows us to ensure that the whole company works towards our strategic goals and that we can constantly improve.
Our employees are, however, even more important: They implement the strategy expertly, pragmatically and in a solution-oriented way.

You won’t find double staffing or passing the buck in our company. Everybody is responsible for his or her own tasks. This also means that employees make their own decisions as much as possible and stand by them. And should it be necessary: it is easy to contact the decision-makers, right up to board level.

We see reliable and fast forwarding of information as a central element of good company leadership. We inform customers, shareholders, journalists and other stakeholders via internet and press releases, analyst conferences and periodic reports.

We of course also keep our employees up to date in a comprehensive manner. Information exchange is actively encouraged, for example by means of regular department meetings. Internationally we have telephone and video conferences to improve communication and cooperation. Every employee can access standard information such as seminars, document templates and works agreements via the intranet.