We place a lot of importance on a good balance between work and private life. A smooth return to work after taking parental leave matters to us. This is why flexitime and needs-oriented work-time models are among the most important pillars of our human resources policy.

Our flexible working time based on flexitime offers, on the one hand, the possibility to do more hours when necessary. On the other hand, it gives you room for manoeuvre in planning your private life. Overtime is recorded in a time account and can be taken as time-off at a later date.

Teleworking allows our employees to do part of their work at home. Hannover Re provides you with all the necessary technology to do this and all data can also be accessed from home.

If you have children to look after or cannot work full-time for any other reason, you can arrange to work part time. The classic five day half-day model is possible, as are other ways of working the required amount of hours.

Older employees can ease their way into retirement by making use of partial retirement.