We devote ourselves to all legal issues. We are the central legal area of Hannover Re and consist of three departments. The Corporate Matters department deals with overall legal questions of Hannover Re. The Claims and Reinsurance department deals with all legal questions which are directly related to our customers’ reinsurance contracts. The Compliance department ensures that Hannover Re and its employees act legally and ethically. In total, about 20 legal experts with varying legal focal points work for us. We act worldwide.

What do we do exactly?

Depending on our legal focal points, we take on different tasks. These tasks include, for example processing company law and supervisory law issues and the development of suitable guidelines. We also check contracts, draw up model contracts and look after legal disputes. A task which is becoming more and more important is the supervision of external compliance requirements and drawing up suitable guidelines. Furthermore, we are responsible for internal know-how transfer and customer training – tasks which mean we always need to be up to date.

What makes us stand out?

  • Nearly all of us are fully qualified lawyers or have an equivalent international qualification.
  • We are interested not only in the letter of the law but also in how to implement it and the resulting opportunities in a business context.
  • We are very service-oriented and try to share our specialist knowledge with other colleagues in the company.