Hannover Re not only insures risks from primary insurers but also protects itself through other institutions. We transfer a portion of these risks to the capital markets or purchase reinsurance protection ourselves. As the specialist division, Group Protections is responsible for the protection of the whole Hannover Re Group.

What do we do exactly?

The members of Group Protections work within different core areas towards the same goal. They analyse, structure, place and administrate different forms of protection, from whole account covers, protecting against natural catastrophes, to swaps and catastrophe bonds. The colleagues specialise in certain products or classes of insurance always with the aim in mind of reaching a suitable risk distribution, at acceptable cost and an optimal protection. This is all supported by modern, to some extent self-developed, analysis tools that make up the foundation of an active risk management that not only satisfies the need for internal information for e.g. the Executive Board but also the requirements for our retrocessionaires.

What skills do we have?

The majority of the 13 members of the team have:

  • An economics background and experience in insurance, for example in primary insurance or as an insurance broker
  • A strong affinity to financial market topics
  • Excellent negotiating skills, also in English