Our world is made up of statistics and stochastics. In the Group Risk Management Division we name, measure and evaluate the main risks of the Hannover Re Group. Three quarters of ourĀ around 100 employees are mathematicians, but we deal with more than theoretical calculations. Due to our overall responsibility for company-wide risk evaluation, we deal with practical questions every day. This goes in particular for qualitative and difficult to quantify risks which are not covered by the usual mathematical evaluation methods.

What do we do exactly?

Our main task is to develop models to estimate loss probabilities. Furthermore, we develop an internal capital model for Hannover Re. One of our specialised areas is the development of instruments to assess the risk of natural disasters and other large losses. To do this we organise seminars for our colleagues from other divisions and continually visit our international colleagues.

What are our competencies?

Most of the colleagues in our division have the following:

  • (Business-)Mathematics degree and knowledge of probability theory
  • Commercial skills
  • Communication skills and the ability to formulate complex topics in a clear and understandable way