This department is based in Hannover and deals with a variety of different markets. The team for Central and Eastern Europe looks after primary insurers from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the Balkan States, the CIS states, Türkiye and Cyprus. Another team looks after Northern Europe (non German-speaking countries), French-speaking countries as well as Israel and Greece.

What do we do exactly?

Our business is contract reinsurance for property and liability insurances. Contract reinsurance (also known as obligatory reinsurance or treaty reinsurance) is the reinsurance of complete contract portfolios for primary insurers or at least parts of them.

As underwriters, we are usually specialised in certain countries, cultures and languages. Part of this job includes knowing the appropriate markets and the insurance fields well in order to be able to recognise chances and risks in time. The main focus of the tasks is on the analysis of reinsurance contracts, including the calculation of adequate premiums, contract negotiations with primary insurers and/or brokers, ongoing customer care and preparing market analyses. Personal visits allow us to tend to our business partners and establish new contacts.

What are our competencies?

Most of the 25 employees in these two teams have the following qualifications:

  • A degree in economics or mathematics
  • A combination of analytical and communication skills
  • A distinct affinity for the above-mentioned languages and cultures, including appropriate language skills as a native speaker. Between them, all in all our staff speak twelve different languages.