Our department supports management in achieving their objectives. We do this by providing controlling services within the framework of a holistic, value-based management system. We thus participate in the responsibility to achieve the strategic and operative objectives of the Hannover Re Group.

Our teams support the senior management in steering the company and measuring the achievement of our goals. This goes hand in hand with supporting the Executive Board in the development of the strategic and operational goals of the Hannover Re Group.
The interlinking of planning and controlling, both on an operational and  strategic level, allows us to advise the group’s Executive Board holistically on the management of the company. We steer the company's project portfolio, contribute to innovation topics and support the different departments in implementing the Hannover Re Group's strategy.

What do we do exactly?

GPS Business Performance
The team supports the Executive Board members and the managers of our two Business Groups Life & Health reinsurance and Property & Casualty reinsurance in matters of performance analyses as well as planning and forecast activities. We are responsible for profitability assessments based on IFRS and economic principles both on a regular and ad-hoc basis. With respect to business management reports, we analyse our business portfolio from different perspectives to support various internal and external evaluations and presentations. Regarding the economic view, we assess our economic cost of capital on a regular basis that forms an important input parameter to determine the margin requirements for the business we write. We support the underwriting units with analyses clarifying the economic value they create for our shareholders by writing a specific piece of reinsurance business. Hannover Re’s Executive Board and Supervisory Board receive crucial information on the economic profit or loss for the period, including all economic movements and capital costs that is relevant to assess the business groups’ value creation from a truly economic perspective. Another very important task for us is to continuously enhance methods and tools in the areas of reporting, performance measurement and steering.

GPS Operations Performance
The Team is responsible for Hannover Re’s cost controlling, organisational structure, process and project management. Our lean operating model is an important differentiating factor deserving our full attention. Linked to this is the ownership of our global process landscape that allows us to react to developments in the market quickly and therefore to stay ahead of the competition. Our portfolio of enterprise projects is also part of the unit’s strategic brief where we prioritise and steer project work in order to achieve the best possible outcome for the group according to principles established by senior management. Supporting management to make sound investment decisions based on economic principles and criteria is within the remit of our investment controlling activities that extends to projects and other business-driven expenditure.

GPS Strategy Development
This team is responsible for Hannover Re’s group's strategy process. The strategy processes starts with the strategic analysis of our internal strengths as well as the external market and competitive landscape. On this basis, we advise and support the Executive Board in developing Hannover Re’s group strategy and coordinates the group wide strategy process. This includes an active management of the strategy portfolio, the monitoring and steering of strategy implementation across the entire programme for any given strategy cycle and managing a fully aligned financial and strategic planning process. Furthermore, we accelerate and coordinate our group-wide innovation activities.

What are our competencies?

As a professional service provider, we deliver our services in an efficient and timely manner with outstanding know-how and skills. This also motivates us to continually customize our services and advance the management system.

Our team consists of 50 people and most of them have the following qualifications:

  • Excellent quantitative and qualitative analytical skills
  • Good communication skills and service-mindedness
  • The ability to keep a clear head and act confidently under pressure e.g. due to deadlines