Adding value to the non-life world

The core focus of PC-S is to coordinate tasks which cut across business divisions within the non-life business group. We see every department group-wide as a potential customer and as such operate as a service centre for the HR group. At the same time we see our responsibility with regard to streamlining communication and supporting customer relationship measures.
We provide information for the non-life market departments and see ourselves as first point of call for the service departments with respect to overriding non-life issues.

What do we do exactly?

We develop unique solutions for our internal customers. Our work is characterized by a great variety of tasks. We coordinate the flow of information to keep our interfaces efficient. We develop structures to approach topics that are new to our company. We design reports and provide data analysis. We conduct various marketing activities - online as well as offline, internal as well as external. We set-up client events across the world. We are the chief editorial department for the group wide non-life intranet and internet and are responsible for the content management. The executive board belongs to our most important customers as we support their managerial tasks by providing on-the-spot analysis and by structuring and designing management presentations.

What skills do we have?

We are able to do our work successfully as most of us have the following skills:

  • A degree in economics or law
  • A thorough understanding of primary and/or reinsurance
  • Excellent communication and coordination skills and a high level of service orientation
  • Good knowledge of business process analysis
  • Willingness to work project oriented
  • Very good command of English