From a huge concert to an oil platform: our department reinsures single risks which are usually unique. This means that we have to be particularly flexible. We insure property and liability risks worldwide. Our circa 60 team members in Hannover are organised in segments and work very closely with colleagues in our worldwide offices. Travelling is the norm in our work.

What do we do exactly?

Our teams in facultative reinsurance usually consist of a combination of economists, engineers, lawyers and insurance specialists. Depending on our individual skills and interests, we are responsible for underwriting, marketing, analyses or the organisation of the back-office. We process damages and record natural disaster exposure by means of special computer programmes.

What are our competencies?

Our employees usually have the following qualifications:

  • Economics, Engineering or Law degree and/or work experience as an insurance clerk
  • Experience in financial services
  • Analytical thinking and commercial skills