One of the major factors of our success is competent and motivated staff. This is why we at Hannover Re place so much importance on further training and personality development. To get the most out of every single employee, we offer diverse qualification measures.

These measures include specialist seminars, language and IT courses as well as personality development courses. The intention is to strengthen the methodology and social competence of our staff. Our company also aims to set the scene for high performance and job satisfaction with a better work life balance by offering, for example, stress management seminars.

Training takes place either internally or externally, depending on the topic. Other important measures which we make use of to keep abreast of changes are congresses, symposiums and similar events.

Hannover Re has a particularly special training offer for mathematicians who need actuarial knowledge for their work. You can qualify as an actuary with our support – we bear the costs and give you time off for examinations and the like. Actuaries who work in the companies Risk Management department can also work towards an additional qualification, the CERA additional qualification.

Hannover Re offers its employees a variety of in-house seminars. Our training offer includes for example the following events:

  • Basics for Respectful Communication (2 days)
  • Intercultural Competence (2 days)
  • Lateral Leadership (1.5 days)
  • Mastering Complexity. Decision making in complex situations (2 days)
  • Project Management (2.5 days)
  • Gender Awareness (for Executives, 1.5 days)