Portrait of Nadine Schwekendiek

Nadine Schwekendiek

Nadine Schweken­diek, manager in the Technical Accounting Department

In the Technical Accounting department we check and administrate the contracts signed by the underwriters. Furthermore, we are responsible for the billing of premiums, checking claims and the accounting process of contracts in quarterly accounts in accordance with HGB and IFRS.

My main task is the disciplinary and technical leadership of the employees. Furthermore, I am responsible for the correct implementation of contractual arrangements and contacting the responsible departments and primary insurers or brokers if there are any mistakes. What I like most about my job is the combination of working with numbers and people and the friendly atmosphere with colleagues. Another important aspect for me is the international and individual character of reinsurance. I don’t travel as much as some colleagues from other departments but the variety of contracts and the fact that no two contracts are the same makes our work a lot more varied than with normal insurance companies. Furthermore, I can use and improve my English skills here.

After school I had wanted to become a bank or insurance clerk. It was the Job Centre that brought it to my attention that I could also do this with a reinsurance company. I was pleasantly surprised when the then head of training and human resources interviewed me. Most other selection processes I had been through started with an impersonal aptitude test. I had to do such a test this time as well but after the positive interview experience, I decided to go with Hannover Re.

During my two and a half year training, I got to know the various departments. Furthermore, I spent some time as a primary insurer HDI. At the end of the training I was offered a job as an assistant in Technical Accounting – after a 5 minute interview with the head of the department. Looking back on it, I think it was important and right that I was offered my own field straightaway, although I really was thrown in at the deep end – despite support from colleagues. In a short time I had to learn about a complex topic, which brought the advantage of being accepted as a full member of staff right from day one.

At the moment I am working on a project which is intended to improve our electronic file management and work flow. Having progressed from being a trainee to a department head, I am convinced that I can still progress further up the ladder. We will see where life takes me at Hannover Re.