Time flies by so quickly!

The first week in Seoul is already behind me. I got used to the heat (although it did cool down a bit after a storm at the weekend) and for the most part I no longer jump out of shock when a fully laden motorbike overtakes me on the narrow pavement. Instead, I walk as close as possible to the houses so that they can get around me quite easily.



My typical day, insofar as anyone can say that after just a week, begins with the walk to the underground station, which takes me past one of the traditional fish markets. The fish here has, however, already been dried and is destined for private households. Shortly afterwards I reach the underground station. During peak travel hours one train comes straight after the other, so I don't give any thought to timetables. What I do think about, though, is this: throughout the subway system, which is built very deep underground, there are cabinets with gas masks. Exactly what they are supposed to protect against I don't know, but they do serve as a reminder every morning that North and South Korea have only signed a ceasefire agreement.



Having taken my place at the office, I look directly at three clocks on the wall (the time in Seoul, Hong Kong and Hannover) and I realise that in Hannover everyone has gone to bed and must be asleep by now. At lunchtime many colleagues have meetings with clients, but so far there has always been a little group that went to eat and which I could tag along with. There are countless restaurants in the neighbourhood and hence no lack of variety. Nor do I ever have a chance to get bored in the evening because everyone takes really, really good care of me.



I got used to the city incredibly quickly and I feel really comfortable at the office, too. The work is thoroughly enjoyable and I have the feeling that I can ask my colleagues for help any time – not just if I have any questions but also if I have any other "worries" on my mind. I am looking forward to my return in two weeks' time, but right now I'm also looking forward to my trip to Tokyo, which is about to start!

Best wishes,

Mariko Wassy


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