It seems like I only just sent off my last report and yet now my return to Germany is right around the corner. At work I am in the process of finishing off tasks that I had started – some of them I've already handed over. I've used the final weekends to try to get to know a bit more about the country of Korea outside Seoul.

fish market

Travelling on the KTX, Korea's high-speed train, I went to Busan for two days. Busan is a coastal city in the southeast of the country, and with a population of almost four million, it is Korea's second-largest metropolis after Seoul. Along with its two sandy beaches it has several ports and a famous fish market.

The fish here really is very fresh (many of the fish are still alive), but the market stands take some getting used to and a strong stomach is undoubtedly needed for the small eateries. In addition to fish you can buy mussels, crabs and other normal seafood, not to mention turtles – consumption of which is supposed to be good for longevity. The fish market was, so to speak, my alternative programme after having visited the Busan Aquarium in the morning.


roller coaster

On another weekend I went with colleagues to the Everland theme park. This is located about an hour out of Seoul in the mountains, so while we were queueing up we could admire the rich colours of the autumn foliage. Along with the usual amusement rides and a big dipper there was a wooden roller coaster with its steepest drop at almost 80% - my new favourite roller coaster. In Seoul, too, autumn can slowly be felt in the air. The maximum temperatures are now around 15 degrees – unlike Germany, then, the first snowfall is still a long way away. Tomorrow will be my last working day in Korea, before flying back to Hannover the day after tomorrow.

This international training visit to Korea and Japan was a special experience for me. Especially in the case of L&H Korea I learned a great deal and I was made to feel very welcome. Without doubt, both are due, above all, to the kindness of my colleagues. Even though there is much that I will miss about Seoul, I am already looking forward to my return to Germany, so I contemplate my departure with a tear in one and a smile in the other eye.

Best wishes from Seoul!

Mariko Wassy


Halfway mark in Korea