The final paper is the climax of studying. If you do this final paper at Hannover Re, you can be sure that the results will actually be used. If you can impress us with your expertise and personality, you stand a good chance of employment when you have finished studying.

Prerequisites for your application

  • Degree in a relevant subject
  • Good analytical thinking and a liking for working with numbers
  • Independent and flexible worker
  • Good knowledge of English
  • Sound command of Microsoft Office

Any further required skills are in the job description of a job ad in our job portal.

Areas of operation

Final papers can be written in nearly all of our departments.
If you want to write your final paper in one of our international branches, please ask the branches directly via email if your preferred timeframe is possible.
In general you can only do a final paper on a topic which is currently relevant for us. Thus we can ensure that you get the right support and your results can really be used. You will find an overview of available topics in our job portal. If you do not find anything suitable in our portal, feel free to suggest concrete topics and timeframes to us.


The payment for final papers depends on their quality and to what extent the results can be used.


If you do your final paper in cooperation with us, you are a potential new Hannover Re employee. This is why we are very thorough in selecting applicants. Please submit your documents via our applicants’ portal. Please read through our general information before submitting your documents.