Dual Study Programme - that's what it means

The programme is a cooperative effort between a technical college, a company and a student. The semester at the technical college alternates with practical experience in the company.

Our students become fit for working life with the University of Applied Science (FHDW) in Hannover. 

In cooperation with the FHDW, Hannover Re offers the following Dual Study Programme:

Dual Study of Business Administration, majoring in insurance (B.A.)


  • As a member of various teams you can establish valuable ties for your future
  • With knowledge of theory and practice, you surely get excellent career opportunities
  • You can expand your skills in our in-house courses and learn for instance new languages for free
  • During the length of your studies we grant you an apprentice's pay in accordance with the tariff in force
  • We cover the costs of your studies
  • At the end of the Dual Study Programme you will have a recognised degree of 'Bachelor of Arts' 
  • We are proud that we were able to offer all previous students a suitable position in our company at the end of their studies

Practical experience at Hannover Re

When working in various departments of our company, you can put your knowledge, acquired at the University of Applied Sciences, to the test and gain extensive practical experience.

Theory at the FHDW, Hannover

The FHDW in Hannover will provide you with the important base of theoretical knowledge. In small groups with an average of 30 students you will receive individual attention and prepare for exams. After three years, you are ready for the job. In different reviews, from the Centre for Higher Education Development to the Study-Quality-Monitor of the HIS (Higher Education Information System) the FHDW in Hannover is viewed as exemplary. This applies especially to the areas of the study situation, courses offered, supervision and the linkage between theory and practice.