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2018-12-07   |  Solvency II

How can life insurers ensure sound and competitive solvency ratios under Solvency II? Based on data of 84 German companies, Mathias Schröder, Christiane Kück and Michael Winkler have examined key determinants and their effects in an article just recently published in „Versicherungswirtschaft“. Next week, we will share additional insights from their analysis here.


2018-11-19   |  Education & Training

Being well prepared for the majority of day-to-day cases: During an exclusive education & training session in Seoul last week our Hannover Re experts covered general life underwriting and claims handling aspects.
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2018-11-14   |  Retirement solutions

Facing the challenges of increasing life expectancy. Hannover Re’s longevity experts support insurance companies worldwide in developing tailor-made retirement solutions: 
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2018-11-13   |  Genetic tests

What can a genetic test reveal about us? And what pitfalls can underwriters experience given the variety of tests available today? Read more from Hannover Re’s Gareth Matthews: 
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2018-11-12   |  Education & Training

How to maintain high quality of claims assessment in conventional and Takaful life insurance business? This was the key topic our Hannover Re experts focused on during their exclusive interactive education & training seminar for claims personnel in Kuala Lumpur:
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2018-11-07   |   Short-duration life insurance

Tony Laudato of Hannover Re's Partnership Solutions team discusses the opportunities for short-term life insurance policies and the collaboration with Life by Spot in a recent Reinsurance News article:
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2018-10-24   |   Underwriting automation

What can hr | ReFlex do for you? Our highly-rated automated underwriting solution:
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2018-10-15   |   Society of Actuaries

Hannover Re US is pleased to announce the following speakers at this year’s Society of Actuaries Annual Meeting. Clint Thompson is presenting "IFRS 17: A Peek at the Finance Cockpit of 2021". John Di Meo is moderating "Financial Reporting Impacts of Tax Reform". And Thomas Colbrook is presenting "How Companies Use Financial Reinsurance to Optimize Efficiency". We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 SOA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.


2018-10-09   |   Hannover Re event

Impressions from our exclusive event in Madrid hosted by Eduardo Molinari and Azucena López. Enjoy the snippets of Claude Chèvre’s enthralling presentation and of Juan Manuel López Iturriaga’s inspiring food-for-thought speech. 

2018-10-04   |   Cooperation

Hannover Re’s underwriting solution, hr | ReFlex, will be combined with dacadoo’s health engagement app, enabling life and health insurers in Europe and Asia to offer consumers a digital end-to-end solution. At a later phase, the partners aim to develop a fully integrated technical solution, as well as product concepts based on individual lifestyle and health engagement.
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2018-10-02   |   Cooperation

Hannover Re US and Life by Spot have joined forces to develop a new market category in the US life insurance market.
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2018-09-24   |   Longevity 14

Globally, longevity risks exceed the available capacity in the insurance and reinsurance industry; therefore, systematic longevity risks should ultimately also be transferred to the capital markets. A standardized, coherent set of securities will help to increase liquidity in the market. Hannover Re’s Cord-Roland Rinke discussed some of these possibilities at last Friday’s plenary session at the L14 Conference.


2018-09-20   |   Hannover Re seminar

Will blockchain revolutionize the (re)insurance industry? What are the key benefits of hr | ReFlex, our automated underwriting solution? How about offering life insurance without underwriting? These are just a few of the innovation-related topics that our Hannover Re experts will take up in Turin today:
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2018-09-17   |   Longevity 14

Hannover Re is looking forward to the L14 conference in Amsterdam on 20th and 21st September. Don’t miss the chance to join Friday’s plenary session on longevity investment and the regulatory dimension. Hannover Re’s Cord-Roland Rinke will speak about a new framework for longevity index covers. Cord will provide you with new insights into insurance-linked securities based on mortality improvements. Find the programme here:
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2018-09-17   |   Education & Training

Hannover Re UK Life Branch welcomed life underwriters and claims assessors to an exclusive education & training session. A warm thank you to all attendees for their contributions and to our expert trainers Katarzyna Preuss-Beranek and Dr. Heinrich Duhme for sharing their experience:
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2018-09-13   |   Hannover Re seminar

“Reinventing the insurance industry” – that is the overarching theme of today’s exclusive Hannover Re event in Madrid. From business-related innovations to impulses that go beyond the insurance horizon: Claude Chèvre and former professional basketball player Juan Manuel López Iturriaga are ready for their speeches. Hosts of the day are Eduardo Molinari and Azucena López.


2018-09-05   |   Hannover Re seminar

How can innovative distribution, underwriting and product solutions help to shape the markets of the future? During today’s exclusive Hannover Re seminar in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Claude Chèvre, Edgar Chávez and Andreas Wadhwa will discuss trends in the life and health insurance industry.


2018-08-28   |   Cancer

What are the reasons for the dramatic incidence rise of thyroid cancer in the last three decades and are there implications for life insurers? Read more from Hannover Re’s Paul Edwards: 
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2018-08-13   |   Obesity

Covering current statistics, causes and consequences, and the implications for life insurers, this article by Hannover Re UK’s Nay Wynn takes a look at obesity from an actuarial point of view: 
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2018-07-25   |   Underwriting automation

hr | ReFlex, our award-winning automated underwriting solution, has just gone live with a Takaful company in Pakistan. One more milestone on the way to creating industry-changing accelerated underwriting programs together with our clients across the globe.

Our underwriting systems are amongst the most highly rated in customer satisfaction, according to an independent survey amongst over 1,500 decision makers in the insurance industry worldwide. Learn more about hr | ReFlex and the benefits it can bring to your company: 
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2018-07-18   |   Award

Congratulations to Doug Ingle, Vice President, Underwriting Research, on his election to the AHOU: Association of Home Office Underwriters Hall of Fame.
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2018-06-28   |   Underwriting automation

Congratulations to Penn Mutual on its Impact Award. Penn Mutual’s Accelerated Client Experience (ACE) uses hr | ReFlex, Hannover Re’s automated underwriting solution, in its process. ACE is a fully digital platform that streamlines the application processing and decision-making time from an industry average of 30 days or more to as little as 24 hours and accounts for 35% of Penn Mutual’s life business.
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2018-06-27   |   Asset care

Hannover Re is pleased to announce a reinsurance agreement with OneAmerica related to its Asset Care business:
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2018-06-19   |   Underwriting

A recent article by Hannover Re's Michelle Privett in On The Risk looks at things rarely seen in life underwriting as well as interesting developments in scientific research and medical advancement:
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2018-06-08   |   International Congress of Actuaries

Many pension funds promise a benefit to the pensioner’s spouse when the pensioner dies. Often, the funds do not know anything about the spouse, not even whether the pensioner has one. Setting the right assumptions can be tricky: As always, there are substantial differences between the general and the insured population. Hannover Re’s Sven Wiesinger discussed some of those in his talk at the ICA 2018 this morning.


2018-05-31   |   Smoking

Tobacco is enemy number one when thinking about preventable morbidity and mortality. Are e-cigarettes as safe an alternative as advertising wants to make consumers believe? And what about the prevalence of e-cigarette use rising not just among smokers wanting to quit? We take a holistic view of e-cigarettes to get a better understanding in this recently updated article by Matthew Procter:
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2018-05-28   |   International Congress of Actuaries

Are you attending ICA 2018 in Berlin next week? Then don’t miss the chance to join Friday’s pensions session focusing on risk management and solvency: Hannover Re’s Sven Wiesinger will speak about biometric risks in pension block portefeuilles. Find the full programme here:
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2018-05-24   |   Customer engagement

Sureify announces the completion of the Apply & Buy platform, a sophisticated omnichannel sales engagement solution for the life insurance industry. Hannover Re has partnered with Sureify to offer their insurance customers hr | ReFlex, our award-winning accelerated underwriting solution. Congratulations to Dustin Yoder and the team at Sureify on their Apply & Buy launch!
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2018-05-23   |   Anniversary

This month marks the 10th anniversary of our branch offices in Shanghai and Seoul. We greatly value the successful business relationships established over the past decade. Fook-Kong Lye, Simon Chong and teams will continue to dedicate all their energy and expertise to providing Life & Health clients in the region with innovative solutions and timely services.


2018-05-14   |   Rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Heinrich Duhme discusses how increased diagnostic accuracy and more effective treatment schemes together with new drugs help in tackling one of the most important rheumatic diseases, which can basically affect all major product lines (e.g. health, disability, critical illness, long-term care and life): 
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2018-05-08   |   Innovation

Around one third of the population has a movement-related disorder. With the Qinematic Posture Scan software Hannover Re helps insurers looking for innovative solutions to reduce long-term disability and to improve their decision-making capabilities at the underwriting or claim stage thanks to reliable digital 3-D measurements: 
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Risk management

2018-04-19   |   Risk management

Under emerging risk-bearing arrangements in the U.S., healthcare providers become financially responsible for the care they deliver and have to cover any costs that surpass a stated benchmark – a severe financial risk. As risk management experts we offer solutions that are designed to mitigate financial risk and enable more predictable cash flows, profits and earnings:
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Risk management

2018-03-21   |   Joint venture

Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd joins forces with GROW Super to bring distributed ledger technology to group insurance and to create customer experiences that will eventually be seamless, immutable and real time from application through to claim in and out of superannuation:
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Grow Super LinkedIn

2018-03-19   |   New office

Our worldwide network of offices allows our Life & Health clients to have a competent contact with superb knowledge of the local (re)insurance market available directly on the spot – now also in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire: 
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New office

2018-03-08   |   Innovation

Together, we can transform today’s challenges into tangible opportunities – anywhere in the world as illustrated by these exemplary business cases:
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2018-02-21   |   Insurtech

Hannover Re can help bridge the gap between insurtechs and life insurance carriers by vetting new solutions and making mutually beneficial connections for both. In partnership with our clients and insurtech partners, we seek to create industry-changing accelerated underwriting programs with hr | ReFlex, our state-of-the-art automated underwriting solution. With an open and modern architecture, hr | ReFlex’s design emphasizes components and functionality that maximize flexibility and ease of implementation. We are trusted by carriers and insurtechs alike for our innovative technology, mortality expertise and partnership approach. Contact us to learn more about our Partnership Solutions team and hr | ReFlex:
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2018-02-02   |   World Cancer Day

At Hannover Re, we take research and knowledge transfer very seriously and are committed to supporting life insurers on their mission to offer people the protection and support they need. ReCent, our medical newsletter, is just one example – various issues deal with the cancer topic approaching it from different angles:
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World Cancer Day

2018-01-22   |   Prostate cancer

Monique Esterhuizen discusses the significance of early stage prostate cancer and the resulting implications for life insurers:
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Prostate cancer


2017-12-04   |   Epidemics

In the latest issue of „Reinsurance News" Hannover Re UK’s Paul Edwards explores why we are seeing not only the potential return of epidemics from old infectious scourges but also the emergence of new threats (pp. 32–35): 
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2017-11-29   |   Award

Congratulations to our colleagues at Hannover ReTakaful in Bahrain on being honoured as “Retakaful Company of the Year” at this year’s Middle East Insurance Industry Awards. A great recognition of your accomplishments!
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Retakaful Company of the Year

2017-11-23   |   Life Conference

Visit our stand (B22) at the Life Conference 2017 in Birmingham for a chat to see how we can help optimise your Solvency II capital position – and a chance to win a personalised Apple Watch in our Solvency II competition!

Life Conference

2017-11-13   |   Artificial organs

In the November edition of "The Actuary" Hannover Re UK's Nay Wynn explores the implications artificial organs could have for transplants and insurance: 
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Artificial Organs

2017-11-06   |   Obesity

Matthew Procter discusses how to handle the risk profile of individuals classified as “Metabolically Healthy Obese” in life underwriting:
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Metabolically Healthy Obese

2017-10-11   |   Insurtech

Check out the top 10 quotes from this year's ITC conference in Las Vegas last week, including one from Hannover Re's Tony Laudato:
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2017-10-10   |   Cancer

Stuart Crichton discusses the exciting potentials of immunotherapy in cancer treatment and the implications for the life insurance industry:
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Immunotherapy in cancer treatment

2017-09-15   |   Disability

Dershnee Devan introduces Project Douleur, Hannover Re’s successful approach to keeping long-term disability claims in check in South Africa:
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Project Douleur

2017-07-20   |   Financial Solutions

Rebecca Wilczak discusses return on capital enhancement opportunities for the life insurance industry in the latest edition of SOA Reinsurance News:
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2017-07-10   |   Genomic data

Nico van Zyl discusses how life insurers can engage with and harness the data from personal genomic testing in a way that benefits the consumer and the industry in a prudent and ethical manner:
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Personal genomic testing