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2021-11-02   |   ReCent UK Insights

Did you miss our exclusive UK Life Branch client webinar on 14 October?

Take a look at the latest edition of ReCent UK Insights! Tim Smith reflects on the webinar and shares his thoughts around the state of innovation in the life & health market, use cases focussing on genomics and underwriting with digital health data as presented by Lisa Balboa, Gareth Matthews, Soeren Kruse and guest speaker Roger Edwards.
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2021-10-25   |   DICIM 2021

DICIM 2021 is just around the corner: Dr Matthew Procter will be talking about the complex world of third-party data and giving practical insights on how data can be used in traditional and automated insurance. His workshop sessions will then take delegates through the development of practical solutions and discuss the role of medical advisors in the development of these solutions.

More information and registration:
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2021-10-15   |   Virtual seminar E&T

Insurers’ underwriting and claims personnel from the Caribbean are the latest to benefit from Hannover Re’s exclusive worldwide education & training programmes. Their tailor-made virtual seminar last week covered a broad spectrum of topics – from theoretical background to medical risks relevant in day-to-day underwriting and claims handling. The training, which was rounded off by discussions, breakout sessions and case studies, was well received by all participants.


2021-10-11   |   World Mental Health Day

This year’s World Mental Health Day highlights mental health treatment gaps and the need for quality mental health services for all. Hannover Re’s business partner BIMA has been on the case for some time. Customers in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ghana have access to specialist consultants, over the phone, to help manage mental health issues. BIMA also provided mental health management tips and advice throughout the pandemic to both customers and non-customers via social media to help them navigate through difficult times.

On top of this, Hannover Re’s digital marketplace for insurance solutions ( showcases innovations which help insurers to bring accessible mental health solutions a step closer for customers in all markets and raise the profile of the issue in areas where it may be more stigmatised. Read our hr | equarium blog on how partners and colleagues in Southeast Asia are using technology to address the situation: read more


2021-09-30   |   ReCent Medical News

An estimated 250 million people around the globe are affected by COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). Medical underwriters can read up about the condition in our latest edition of ReCent Medical News. @Clifton Titcomb explains the most important characteristics of COPD and how they are key to evidence-based underwriting.

If you are interested in learning more about respiratory diseases in medical underwriting, be sure to also check out this ReCent edition on asthma.


2021-09-21   |   Protection gap

An unforeseen setback can bring severe hardship to families in emerging countries, where many people traditionally have little or no access to insurance. Protecting underserved communities is part of Hannover Re’s sustainability strategy, and our partnership with MILVIK BIMA supports this commitment: giving families easy access to affordable and straightforward life and health insurance products through mobile phones.
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2021-08-30   |   ReCent Medical News

Asthma affects an estimated 300 million people worldwide. Applications featuring this condition reach the medical underwriter’s desk quite often. In this edition of ReCent Medical News, @Dr. Cliff Titcomb explains asthma characteristics and possible challenges for medical underwriters: read more

Stay tuned: In the next edition of ReCent Medical News, we will focus on COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), another common respiratory disease.


2021-08-16   |   Longevity 16 conference

As a pioneer in the longevity market, Hannover Re was a sponsor of the Longevity 16 conference in Copenhagen last week. A keynote speaker at the event was Cord-Roland Rinke, Managing Director of our Life & Health – Analytics and Longevity division. In his presentation on “Creating opportunities beyond longevity risk transfer”, he outlined how the industry needs to move beyond traditional to tailor-made solutions based on individual clients’ needs.

Hannover Re has reinsured around EUR 40 billion in longevity business mainly in the UK and Continental Europe and is also very active in all other continents in the northern and southern hemisphere.


2021-07-28   |   Longevity series

Demographic changes and increasing life expectancy: Exposure to longevity risk becomes a major issue for insurance companies and pension providers worldwide. Drawing on global experience and capacity, we offer tailored risk-transfer solutions:
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2021-07-21   |   Longevity series

Progressively ageing societies and a gradual withdrawal of state support in most developed economies around the world: People face increasing challenges when planning for their retirement and care needs in later life.

With our extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of developing solutions designed to protect the lives, lifestyles, and families of those who want to secure a life-long income at retirement age, we support our clients in offering flexible retirement products with the right level of security at a fair price.
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2021-07-14   |   Longevity series

Equity release solutions address elderly people that are “cash poor, but asset rich” – their asset being their home. The idea is to release equity from the real estate while the annuitant retains a lifelong right of residence. 
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2021-07-09   |   Longevity

Hannover Re: Once again, your first-choice partner for longevity solutions

As a global market leader in longevity solutions with an unrivalled track record, we do our utmost to support clients in navigating the complexities of longevity risk and help them respond to the challenges that come with it.

We are always pleased to receive positive feedback from our clients, a clear sign that our efforts in this area are greatly valued: Decision makers in the insurance industry worldwide have once again rated Hannover Re as best-in-class for longevity solutions in NMG Consulting’s 2020 Global Life & Health Reinsurance Study. We would like to thank all our business partners, who participated in the survey, for their extremely motivating feedback.

We will continue to be a powerful partner for any company seeking to create and maintain a competitive edge when it comes to longevity risk.

2021-07-07   |   Longevity series

In some cultures, parents are financially dependent on their children – especially in older ages. The parents protection plan is an innovative solution to cover financial needs of parents should they outlive their children.
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2021-06-30   |   Longevity series

An immediate needs annuity provides elderly people, already in need of care, with a guaranteed income to help cover their regular long-term care costs in exchange for a single lump-sum payment.
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2021-06-23   |   Longevity series

Based on a single premium transferred into investment units, unit-linked annuities provide annuitants with an income stream in old age linked to the investment performance. It ensures an income for life whilst still allowing the customer to steer the investment performance.
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2021-06-18   |   Web-session Longevity

What differences in mortality do we see between populations and where do they come from? How will longevity develop in the coming years? Considering that up to now, only one individual in history has reached the age of 120: Is there a limit to the human lifespan that we simply cannot extend or will cutting-edge research eventually pave the way to eternal life? These were questions addressed by Hannover Re’s experts during the final session of the virtual presentations series on Longevity in Israel. A big thank you to all participants who joined us!


2021-06-16   |   Longevity series

The idea behind deferred annuities at retirement is simple yet effective, enabling insurers to address consumers’ need for security and flexibility at a reasonable price.
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2021-06-09   |   Longevity series

Underwritten annuities feature tailor-made conditions based on individual life expectancy giving people with health issues access to a higher regular income.
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2021-06-04   |   Web-session Longevity

Over the last decades, life expectancy has increased globally, widening the longevity protection gap. During a web seminar for clients from Nordic and Baltic countries, our longevity experts talked about how insurers can respond to this challenge with tailored products and services. Furthermore, they outlined how reinsurance can help reduce the exposure to longevity risk and optimise the capital position in the face of increasing risk management and reporting obligations.  


2021-06-02   |   Longevity series

In the first edition of ReCent Actuarial News, Sabine Ludwig illustrates how the special shape of the survival curves of diseases are taken into account when calculating an annuity value for underwritten, or enhanced annuities.
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2021-05-26   |   Longevity series

To maintain a standard of living and to reduce the risk of running out of money in old age, consumers should invest in an annuity product (where the term “annuity” implies lifelong payments). With many different product variations available, it is easy to get lost in the annuity jungle. Here is a concise overview of various product concepts all enabling financial independence in later life:
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2021-05-21   |   Wearables

According to Lisa Balboa, “the wearables game is changing”. She and Tim Smith explored the win-win opportunity presented to protection insurers through integrating wearables into their proposition; why wearables should become part of the underwriting journey; and how they can improve claims experience at the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries Health and Care webinar series last week.

Find out how you and your customers can benefit from wearable tech in the latest edition of ReCent UK Insights:
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2021-05-19   |   Longevity series

All over the world, people are facing the challenge of securing a life-long income at retirement age and finding a flexible retirement product that suits their individual needs.

How can insurers and pension providers meet consumer needs, contribute to a more resilient society, and manage their longevity exposure in face of constantly increasing life expectancy?

Stay tuned over the coming weeks as we deep dive into this significant industry topic!


2021-05-10   |   Education & training webinar

A big thank you to all participants in Hannover Re’s exclusive interactive web-based modular education & training programme, which was held 3–7 May for the Nordic market. The key topics were basic principles in insurance, medical underwriting and claims handling. Visit our website for more information on our education & training programmes.


2021-05-07   |   Financial solutions webinar

This week, our experts talked about financial solutions during a web seminar for clients from Nordic and Baltic countries. With a clear understanding of individual markets and financial objectives, we work in concert with our clients, developing and swiftly implementing appropriate financial solutions. For more information please click here.


2021-05-03   |   Data analytics

An in-depth understanding of data is key in life & health (re)insurance. We team up with you on your data analytics journey.
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2021-04-29   |   ReCent Medical News

In this article, Paul Edwards looks at the psychological effects of social isolation and grief as people try to cope with the pandemic situation. How will all this affect life and health insurance and influence long-term trends in mortality and morbidity? Furthermore, how can insurers remain fair and sympathetic towards claimants? Read more.
Interested in innovative solutions that focus on mental health in broader terms? Check out hr | equarium


2021-04-26   |   DNA Day

Learning to interpret the genome has essentially been the goal of scientists since the first human genome was sequenced. Find articles in our ReCent Medical News section dealing with aspects of genetics from a (re)insurance perspective, taking into account risk estimation and classification.

Interested in insurtech innovations that focus on genetics? Check out hr | equarium, the #1 marketplace for white-labelled insurance solutions.


2021-04-15   |   Web-session Longevity

Insights from a seasoned partner: We have been supporting clients with innovative and tailored longevity risk solutions since 1995. The fourth online session of our presentations series on longevity in Israel focused on reinsurance solutions to transfer risk, facilitate asset-liability matching, improve the solvency ratio and reduce cost of capital


2021-04-08   |   Automated underwriting

New technologies, new data and new approaches to automated underwriting are gaining momentum amid the pandemic. Hannover Re's Mike Reeves explores this trend in the life market in an article for Digital Insurance.
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2021-04-07   |   Hannover Re & BIMA

Challenging times like these hit people without easy access to healthcare particularly hard. BIMA’s health-tech knowledge combined with our (re)insurance expertise brings people in the most remote places of the world access to mobile-delivered insurance and telemedicine services – no matter where or when they need it.


2021-04-07   |   Web session

Thank you to our panelists who participated in Hannover Re's webinar on automated and accelerated underwriting moderated by Mike Reeves on 6 April. Hannover Re's Sean Conrad, AAA Life Insurance Company's JJ Carroll and Celent's Karen Monks provided insight on how automation and analytics are transforming the life insurance industry. We appreciate everyone who joined the live webinar. In case you missed the session:
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2021-03-26   |   Presentation @Versicherungsforen Leipzig

This week’s Versicherungsforen Leipzig web conference dealt with challenges around occupational disability and income protection. Hannover Re’s Soeren Kruse shared his experiences from the South African market and talked about innovative approaches in the field of data analytics and reward programmes to enable insurers to improve risk assessment, create cutting-edge solutions and increase digital experiences for health-conscious consumers.


2021-03-25   |   Virtual breakfast seminar

This week, during a digital breakfast seminar to our Swedish speaking clients, our external lecturer MD Ophthalmologist Hammurabi Bartuma talked about topics around Ophthalmology and our (re)insurance experts gave an update on Hannover Re’s underwriting manual hr | Ascent and an outlook on the Education & Training programme.


2021-03-19   |  Longevity swap

The AXA UK Group Pension Scheme has entered into a longevity swap with Hannover Re to protect GBP 3 billion of mostly deferred pension liabilities held in its Defined Benefit plan.
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2021-03-19   |   Web-session Longevity

This week’s virtual longevity session provided insights into various individual annuity product concepts. We took a closer look at underwritten annuities such as enhanced and immediate needs annuities to show how insurers can treat customers in ill-health more fairly by taking into account health issues and reflecting individual life expectancy. Moreover, we pointed out how insurers can help customers protect themselves against the long-term-care cost gap and unpredictable costs in case of severe and permanent health impairments requiring ongoing care.

Visit our website for information on this important topic.


2021-03-18   |   hr | Ascent

A recent publication by Hannover Re explores the background on changes to the low cholesterol guideline in the US version of hr | Ascent, Hannover Re's global underwriting manual.
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2021-03-12   |   Web session

Has COVID-19 permanently changed life insurance underwriting? Learn from industry leaders in a webinar hosted by Hannover Re's Mike Reeves on Tuesday, April 6th. Panelists include Hannover Re's Sean Conrad, JJ Carroll from AAA Life Insurance Company and Karen Monks from Celent.
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2021-03-09   |   BIMA & Hannover Re

Expanding insurance protection for previously inadequately insured population groups in the Life & Health sector is part of our sustainability strategy and exactly what our partnership with (MILVIK) BIMA is about: Together, we aim to bring affordable insurance and health services to underserved families through mobile technology.

Read more about Hannover Re’s sutainablity strategy


2021-03-04   |   Accelerated underwriting

Hannover Re recently found that electronic health record (EHR) data can be used as an alternative to traditional exam and lab requirements to increase an accelerated underwriting program's throughput. A whitepaper by Human API explores this topic and looks at the leading trends for life insurance providers to watch in 2021.
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2021-03-02   |   Interview

“Partnerships are a key component of our innovation and digital strategy.”

UK Life Branch Managing Director Debbie O’Hare joins InsTech London Partner Robin Merttens for a Member Spotlight interview about why Hannover Re is the go-to reinsurance partner for innovative solutions, how the L&H Digital Business Accelerator will support this focus, and which digital health trends to watch.
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2021-02-17   |   Web session Longevity

Although many people are aware of their individual protection gap in old age, they often do not act on it. During this week’s session of our virtual presentations series, conducted together with our partner in Israel, LPM, we focused on how insurers can help their customers make provisions for retirement with products tailored to their needs.
Learn more about this important topic.


2021-02-04   |   hr | ReFlex

Hannover Re is proud to support Penn Mutual's Accelerated Client Experience (ACE) effort to modernize life insurance buying. hr | ReFlex has enabled Penn Mutual to automate the underwriting process and improve the customer experience.
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2021-01-28   |   Web session Longevity

Last week, we kicked off a series of web-based presentations together with our partner in Israel, LPM, giving practical insights into innovations and interesting developments in longevity (re)insurance. The first session focused on retirement income systems around the globe and their specific challenges. We appreciate the positive feedback from our clients in Israel. Thank you for joining us.


2021-01-19   |   16th Current Issues in Life Assurance

Conducted by the Institute of Actuaries of India, the online series that consisted of 4 modules took place between 6–13 January and brought together over 175 actuaries and students virtually. GLN Sarma moderated and Soeren Kruse joined a panel discussion on the latest developments in underwriting and distribution. Thank you to everyone who joined the conversation on important industry topics such as writing new business and maintaining customer centricity while adhering to prudent risk management/underwriting practices in light of the lockdown times, reinsurers’ underwriting support with large cases, and the impact of the non-contestability clause of the Indian Insurance Act.

CILA_panel discussion

2021-01-14   |   Underwriting

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of electronic health records (EHRs) has expanded as an alternative to traditional underwriting requirements. This article by Chief Underwriter, Kevin Oldani looks at case examples to demonstrate how EHRs could be used to assess applicants’ risk in current underwriting processes.
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2021-01-13   |   ReCent UK insights

In this edition of ReCent UK insights, Biometric Research Data Specialist Michiel Luteijn explores the downsides of banding continuous variables in actuarial experience analysis, and Patrick Kosmützky, responsible for hr | equarium, shares how Hannover Re’s insurtech innovation platform has enabled insurers to source digital solutions and form successful partnerships over the past year.
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2020-12-18   |  Hannover Re and BIMA

2020 has been extremely challenging, especially for the healthcare systems in emerging markets. Offering affordable insurance and health products to underserved consumers in those markets has therefore become increasingly important. By combining a global network of local market and regulatory experts with health-tech knowledge, the partnership of Hannover Re & MilvikBIMA grants easy access to mobile-delivered insurance for millions of people: read more


2020-12-11   |  Alzheimer's disease

A new publication by Hannover Re's Nico van Zyl looks at the disease-causing mechanisms at play in Alzheimer's disease and innovations in cognitive testing from Neurotrack:
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2020-12-11   |  Mortality

Hannover Re’s Cord-Roland Rinke quoted in Barnett Waddingham’s latest report on bulk annuities.

The full report can be downloaded here.


2020-11-26   |  ReCent medical news

Nico van Zyl and Gareth Matthews look at polygenic risk scoring as one of the most comprehensible means of reflecting genetic risk, and discuss how it can enhance risk estimation and classification: read more

Interested in innovative solutions that focus on genetics? Check out hr | equarium.


2020-11-18   |  L&H Shanghai

The Shanghai branch successfully moved to our new office over the weekend. With effect from 16th November 2020, we are at the following address:
6th Floor, KAISA Finance Centre
1188 Minsheng Road, Pudong New Area
Shanghai P.R. China 200135
Please note that all phone and fax numbers remain unchanged.

The larger office space is a reflection of Hannover Re’s Asia Growth Initiative.


2020-11-12   |  Annuities

Underwritten annuities provide financial security in old age while taking into account medical or lifestyle components which influence individual life expectancy. What does this mean for underwriting? Read more from Morten Tiedemann and David Shuvalov in this article published via ALUCA - Australasian Life Underwriting and Claims Association:
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2020-10-29   |  LIRC

Hannover Re Shanghai Branch was again among the sponsors of the Lujiazui International Reinsurance Conference. The three-day event attracted great attention and brought together industry executives to exchange thoughts on post Covid-19 implications on the reinsurance ecosystem. Dieter Kroll joined a panel discussion with government officials virtually, which focused on Shanghai’s aspiration to become a leading international reinsurance centre.


2020-10-21   |  COVID-19

More than 100 participants from underwriting, claims, actuarial and products functions joined last week’s online session on COVID-19. Hosted by Hannover Rück SE – India Branch, and including speakers from Hannover Life Reassurance Africa Limited, the event served as an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences:

  • Dr. Matthew Procter’s presentation focused on non-pharmaceutical interventions and the benefits of cloth masks, social distancing and hygiene as the primary method of limiting the spread of the virus;
  • Soeren Kruse explored overall business effects and illustrated impacts on mortality, morbidity, pricing and underwriting.

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us on this important topic.


2020-10-20   |  ReCent UK insights

In this edition of ReCent UK insights, Chief Underwriter Gareth Matthews shines a spotlight on increasing antimicrobial resistance (AMR), the global threat AMR poses to all of us and its implications for insurers:
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2020-10-15   |  Longevity

Hannover Re supports clients in navigating the complexities of longevity risk and help them responds to the challenges that come with it: Just last week, during an online event, we introduced some longevity solutions to the German insurance market. Check out our website to learn more.


2020-10-14   |  Virtual client seminar Latin America

We at Hannover Re share our vast expertise with our clients – in these days increasingly online. Lupita Covarrubias and her colleagues are looking forward to giving practical insights into interesting topics dealing with risk selection in life & health insurance during an exclusive and comprehensive virtual seminar for medical underwriters from insurance companies across Latin America.


2020-10-13   |   hr | equarium

Hannover Re’s Patrick Kosmützky talks to Conor Sweetman of InsurTech Radio about innovation in reinsurance: Hannover Re’s exclusive online platform brings together insurtechs and digital innovators with insurance companies. Listen to podcast here.


2020-10-12   |   World Mental Health Day

#WorldMentalHealthDay: Check out the two latest editions of ReCent medical news which both deal with aspects of mental health:

Mental health

Body dysmorphic disorder

Furthermore, you can find innovative solutions that focus on work-related #stress and #anxiety as well as #mental health in broader terms on hr | equarium.


2020-10-08   |   ReCent medical news

In his article, Hannover Re’s Stuart Crichton looks at body dysmorphic disorder – an obsession with perceived flaws in one’s own appearance – and covers the potential implications for obtaining insurance:
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2020-10-06   |   L&H Malaysia

As we have significantly extended our client base in recent years with tailor-made support and services and expect to extend our holistic value proposition in the years to come, Hannover Re Malaysian Branch has moved to a larger office at Level 32, Mercu 2, No. 3, Jalan Bangsar, KL Eco City, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


2020-09-21   |   Education & Training

Insurers’ underwriting and claims personnel benefit from Hannover Re’s exclusive modular education & training programmes – offered online last week from 14-18 September for participants in Europe and Kazakhstan. Covering selected medical risks in underwriting and claims and rounded off by discussions and breakout sessions with case studies, the interactive virtual seminar was well received by all participants.


2020-08-27   |   Cognitive assessment

Neurotrack has developed a groundbreaking digital cognitive assessment tool that insurers can use to underwrite and engage with clients. Learn more about Neurotrack's solution to remotely and accurately administer a cognitive assessment here:
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2020-08-26   |   COVID-19

What is the impact of COVID-19 on life insurers in India? More than 90 participants joined the Institute of Actuaries of India’s Life Insurance Online Event earlier this month. Dr (Maj) Arun Kishore’s session covered a medical view on what the virus is and how it compares with other viruses – from virulence, clinical signs/symptoms and potential treatments to complications with its impact on mortality and morbidity. He also discussed changes in consumer behaviour and the challenges for life insurers with regard to onboarding and claims management and how these may be tackled.


2020-08-25   |   Appointment

Please join us in congratulating Jodi McDonald on her appointment as President of the Academy Of Life Underwriting.


2020-08-24   |   Longevity

Pensioenfonds Allianz Nederland Groep transfers retirement-related liabilities of EUR 850 million to Lifetri Group; Hannover Re assumes the majority of the longevity risk.

  • Article [, Dutch]: Read more
  • Longevity risk transfer at Hannover Re: Read more

2020-08-10   |   Life Insurance Summit

At the end of July, the Australian Financial Services Council, FSC, held its ninth annual Life Insurance Summit as a week-long online event with various sessions focusing on hot industry topics. The summit lined up a strong list of speakers, including Hannover Re’s Gerd Obertopp, who joined the Reinsurance Session to discuss learnings from COVID-19, sustainability challenges and the road ahead. A special focus was on data and how the Australian life insurance industry can benefit from insights from all around the globe.


2020-07-24   |   VeoSens

VeoSens, the future of providing life insurance that allows insurers to engage with their policyholders on an ongoing basis through science and technology. Developed by Hannover Re, Samsung and LifeQ.

VeoSens enables life insurers to make use of wearable technology and health data analytics in a way that has never been done before. VeoSens allows for continuous risk monitoring while rewarding engaged policyholders with bonus insurance cover as they become healthier.
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2020-07-13   |   ReCent medical news

How could the latest mental health trends affect risk assessment and claims management? Lauren Acton explains why it is important for underwriters and claims assessors to keep up to date to ensure that individuals with mental health conditions are subject to accurate and fair industry practices:
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Interested in innovative solutions that focus on work-related stress and anxiety as well as mental health in broader terms? Check out hr | equarium:
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2020-07-08   |   Digital knowledge exchange

How do our Life & Health experts keep up to date and exchange knowledge these days? Digitally! Just this week, colleagues from various offices set out on a web-based journey to South Africa: Sören Kruse talked about innovative solutions and how Hannover Life Reassurance Africa Limited and its partners are revolutionising the customer journey.


2020-06-26   |   Collaborative study

Hannover Re recently worked with ExamOne, a Quest Diagnostics Company on a collaborative study to validate LabPiQture’s value to the underwriting process and evaluate its potential application in accelerated and automated underwriting programs.
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2020-06-02   |   Web-based seminar

Engaging with clients in spite of the current lockdown situation: More than 120 participants from 15 insurance companies – including Heads of Underwriting/Claims divisions and Chief Medical Officers – attended Hannover Re India Branch’s web-based seminar on lung disorders, pulmonary function tests and Covid-19 last week. Dr Arun Kishore, Dr Abid Shaikh and Dr Rajesh Shidhaye conducted the online session that was well received and served as an excellent platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences.


2020-05-18   |   ReCent medical news

How can life insurers grasp the true potential of data and become the insurers of tomorrow? Identifying the right data from the right source is paramount to insurers’ ability to return useful, accurate and transparent products. Check out part 2 of Matthew Procter’s article on data-driven insurance looking at the complexities and possibilities of data use in the insurance industry:
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2020-05-04   |   Automated underwriting

hr | ReFlex provides immediate and risk-adequate decisions directly at the point of sale. It supports all sales channels and leverages the full potential of an all-digital business process, increasing sales and profitability. Its unique flexibility ensures the agile integration of new products and features, securing your investments in future innovations.
Interested? Get in touch:

2020-04-27   |   ReCent medical news

In this article, Matthew Procter illustrates some of the key concepts and considerations for insurers wishing to use data and technology to make the necessary advances in insurance: from data ethics and data sources to the intelligent use of data and the consequences of poor data-driven product design. Read part 1 of his article here:
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2020-04-15   |   ReCent UK insights

Check out the latest edition of ReCent UK insights: Tim Smith looks at how e-cigarettes and vaping have affected the life insurance market to date, Paul Edwards comments on COVID-19, and Debbie O’Hare talks leadership, strategy and innovation:
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2020-04-14   |   hr | Ascent

hr | Ascent, Hannover Re’s online underwriting manual, caters for a broad spectrum of life underwriting considerations with varying degrees of complexity. Our clients benefit from an accessible underwriting reference that is regularly updated to reflect rapidly evolving medical and market-specific environments. No matter where you are, with hr | Ascent you are never more than two clicks away from a rating:
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2020-04-07   |   Underwriting

A recent publication by Kevin Oldani and Nick Zambruno highlights a Human API analysis that shows promising results for retrieving key vitals and lab panels from EHR data:
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2020-04-07   |   ReCent medical news

ReCent, our medical newsletter, is published in 7 languages for claims managers, medical underwriters and any other interested party worldwide. ReCent deals with current medical topics related to risk assessment by providing additional beneficial insights into medical research from around the world of life insurance, as well as case studies and new essential techniques in risk assessment:
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2020-02-27   |   hr | equarium

Today, we are celebrating 365 days of hr | equarium: Launched one year ago to help shape the future of insurance, our insurtech innovation pool has made an impressive global impact. Our mission to make it easier to find and implement promising new technology continues. Join in and register now:


2020-02-26   |   Anniversary

We appreciate the successful partnerships established in the Canadian market over the past years. The Canadian life team will continue to provide superior value through creativity and personalised service.


2020-02-21   |   FANAF

This week, Hannover Re experts joined the 44th Assemblée Générale Annuelle de la FANAF in Gabon to discuss the importance of data and innovation. Various insurtechs introduced their ideas to an interested audience from the insurance industry. HUB2.IO, an insurtech offering mobile money solutions in various countries of the CIMA region, is already available on, Hannover Re’s insurtech innovation pool.


2020-01-30   |   WeSpeak

Created by women for women in Bermuda, WeSpeak supports women across all industries in exercising presentation skills and building confidence. Hannover Life Reassurance Bermuda Ltd. is proud to be a sponsor of next week’s interactive talk on “how to own the room” with Viv Groskop. Our staff are looking forward to attending what is sure to be an inspiring event.
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2020-01-28   |   Anniversary

This month marks the 20th anniversary of our Life & Health branch office in Kuala Lumpur. We greatly value the successful relationships established over the past decades. Olivier Wallerand and his team will continue to dedicate all their energy and expertise to providing our Life & Health clients in the region with innovative solutions and timely services.


2020-01-03   |   Panel discussion

“Recent trends in Risk Management of Protection Business”, a panel discussion during the 15th Seminar on Current Issues in Life Assurance (CILA) organised by the Institute of Actuaries of India, was well received by the audience as it is one of the most relevant topics in the life insurance industry. 

CILA_panel discussion


2019-12-19   |   Medical News

Are e-cigarettes and vaping really less harmful than tobacco smoking? Read more from Hannover Re’s Nico van Zyl.


2019-12-17   |   ReCent medical news

This article looks at the rapid emergence and growing acceptance of behavioural economics and the integral role it is now playing for insurers and reinsurers. Read more from Hannover Re’s Tracy Peterson

2019-12-10   |   Innovation

Hannover Re & BIMA: A partnership that combines a global network of local market and regulatory experts with health-tech knowledge. By harnessing the power of mobile technology affordable and easy-to-use insurance and health products are delivered to underserved consumers in emerging markets. Read more.


2019-12-06   |   Financial solutions

During the “Principles and Practices of Financial Reinsurance Seminar” in Mumbai, Dieter Kroll, Chantal Cardinez and GLN Sarma presented on basics and practical applications, the current regulatory outlook in India, and Hannover Re’s overall Asia strategy.

As a leading FinRe provider with a clear understanding of individual markets and financial objectives, we are ideally positioned to provide tailored solutions to our clients, assisting them to overcome specific, quantitative financial challenges.


2019-12-03   |   Accelerated underwriting

Hannover Re's Sean Conrad looks at how accelerated underwriting and predictive analytics are transforming the life insurance industry via Insurance Thought Leadership:
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2019-11-27   |   Innovation

Last week, Hannover Re’s exclusive innovation seminar covered a hand-picked selection of hot industry topics: hr | equarium, Hannover Re’s insurtech innovation pool, was presented to healthtech start-ups from diverse business areas, who in return introduced their ideas. Presentations covered how to utilize research and innovation to better serve senior citizens, and a machine-learning expert introduced a study on mortality analytics using big data to predict life expectancy more granularly. Qinematic demonstrated how the underwriting process and customer satisfaction can be improved through 3D technology. Thank you to everyone who joined the seminar.


2019-11-25   |   Hannover Re seminar

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our underwriting and claims seminar in Langkawi, Malaysia. The annual four-day event with expert speakers from all around our worldwide Life & Health network covers a broad spectrum of hot topics for underwriting, claims and operations senior personnel from South and Southeast Asia.


2019-11-22   |   Longevity

Setting the course to respond to longer life spans: At Wednesday's XpertSession “Longevity – living till eternity” in Amsterdam, our experts discussed how life insurers can get on top of longevity risk and ahead of their competitors with innovative products and services. With our extensive longevity expertise, we are ideally positioned to work hand in glove with our clients around the globe to create tailor-made solutions for an ageing population:
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2019-11-22   |   Education & Training

Hannover Re’s Education & Training approach attaches great importance to a sound and long-lasting knowledge transfer. Just last week in Seoul, our expert trainers discussed selected medical risks in day-to-day underwriting and claims handling.


2019-11-21   |   Automated underwriting

hr | ReFlex provides immediate and risk-adequate decisions directly at the point of sale. It supports all sales channels and leverages the full potential of an all-digital business process, increasing sales and profitability. Its unique flexibility ensures the agile integration of new products and features, securing your investments in future innovations.
Interested? Get in touch:

2019-11-20   |   Annual Risk Seminar

Heads of underwriting & claims and senior risk managers from local client companies joined Hannover Re India Branch as they hosted their “Annual Risk Seminar” in Mumbai last week. This year’s programme included presentations on behavioural economics and new tests in medical underwriting as well as a hands-on live demonstration of Qinematic Posture Scan.


2019-11-19   |   Education & Training

Organized by Hannover Re Malaysian Branch’s Life & Health Division, last week’s underwriting seminar in Colombo, Sri Lanka brought together 36 participants from 12 companies. Topics included depression and anxiety, multiple sclerosis and gynaecological diseases. Hannover Re‘s seminars are designed to meet our clients’ needs in the most appropriate way and to respond to the specific requirements of their respective markets.


2019-11-15   |   Longevity

Longevity and innovation – two topics that will go hand in hand at next week's XpertSession in Amsterdam. Our experts and guest speaker Mathijs Bouman look forward to discussing increased life expectancy, its wide-ranging impacts, and how the insurance industry can face the challenges. Let’s get ready for the long haul together:
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2019-11-14   |   Automated underwriting

What are the innovative application scenarios of hr | ReFlex? Read more about our interactive user group forum, future system developments and new business initiatives in our ReCent edition “Automated underwriting – a key to a fully digitalised new business process”:
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2019-11-13   |   GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018 was a big step for data protection. Many businesses and bodies that handle personal information had to rise to the challenge of ensuring compliance with the new regulations. In this article, Vicky Webb, Hannover Re UK Life Branch’s Head of Biometric Research, reflects on how insurers and other financial institutions have fared:
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2019-11-12   |   ICLAM Mumbai

Shaping the markets of the future: Thank you for fruitful and inspiring discussions during Hannover Re’s Scientific Health Session yesterday at ICLAM Mumbai.


2019-11-11   |   ICLAM Mumbai

Hannover Re at ICLAM Mumbai: Stop by our booth to discuss latest trends in life and health insurance with our Hannover Re experts.


2019-11-04   |   ICLAM 2019

ICLAM Mumbai: What impact does polygenic risk scoring have on life and health insurance? Can a health management app redefine risk management? Don’t miss Hannover Re’s Scientific Health Session on 11 November 2019 to learn about key new developments. All ICLAM delegates who are interested, please register now: 
Registration form

2019-10-30   |   SOA

Join Nick Hanewinckel, FSA, CERA and Ron Curran now for their session at the SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit.


2019-10-29   |   SOA

Join Nick Hanewinckel, FSA, CERA, and David Wood for a panel discussion on leveraging technology in insurance at the SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit today.


2019-10-28   |   SOA

Join Hannover Re's Sean Conrad today at the SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit for a session on collaboration in the age of dynamic underwriting paradigms.


2019-10-28   |   Global Insurance Symposium

12th Global Insurance Symposium (GIS) in Seoul: Co-hosted by the Korea Insurance Research Institute (KIRI) and Financial News, the prestigious event drew in hundreds of delegates from insurance, regulatory bodies and science. The focus was on global economic uncertainty and the risks the insurance industry is facing. In his keynote speech, Dieter Kroll presented Hannover Re’s view: from new hazards, increasing complexity and low interest rates to new industry paradigms and growth potentials in Asia. He concluded that, though hard to quantify, uncertainty and volatility are going to create new insurance opportunities.
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2019-10-18   |   Hannover Re event

As a dedicated ambassador of innovative solutions that enable our life & health clients to be one step ahead of the competition, we just hosted a special event in Lebanon to present Qinematic Posture Scan. The 3-D body motion capture helps insurers improve their decision-making capabilities at the underwriting or claim stage and reduce long-term disability. The participants agreed that a thorough understanding of posture and movement is key to detecting, monitoring and preventing pain or dysfunction.


2019-10-16   |   Trends

A look into the future: Where can today’s insurance trends take the industry? Held in Rome just recently, our exclusive event for life & health insurers from Southeastern Europe covered a wide range of hot business topics – from insurtech, blockchain and machine learning to health engagement and medical advances. Expert presentations and inspiring workshops were offered to support the participants in staying on top of industry trends and gaining insight into how to leverage the opportunities.


2019-10-07   |   Financial Solutions

What can financial reinsurance do for you? During a lunch talk in Kuala Lumpur, Cord-Roland Rinke shared his views and experiences with over 30 participants from Malaysian insurance companies. As a leading Financial Solutions provider, Hannover Re understands the unique financial challenges that insurers face, not only in the dynamic global environment, but in each individual market in which they operate.


2019-09-30   |   Cooperation

Hannover Re and Sweatcoin announce a joint study that aims to discover the sweet spot in daily physical activity that reduces the risk of disease and extends life expectancy:
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2019-09-25   |   ITC 2019

Hannover Re's Sean Conrad joins a panel discussion at InsureTech Connect at 3:00 PM today called Making InsurTech Practical. Join the session on level three in room 361/362.


2019-09-23   |   ITC 2019

We are at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas all week and look forward to connecting with innovative insurtechs and carriers to discuss new opportunities in the life, health and annuities markets. Contact Tony Laudato, Michael Reeves, Sean Conrad, Sevilla Dees, or Larry Dinkler to learn more about our exciting initiatives.


2019-09-16   |   Education & Training

From basic claims-handling aspects to practical real-life examples and interactive training – the Claims Module of our Education & Training Programme supports participants in ensuring the optimum quality of the claims process. Last week, our expert trainers enjoyed working with almost 30 keen participants from all across Europe and from Lebanon.


2019-09-12   |   ReCent UK insights: Mortality trends

In this edition of ReCent UK insights, Paul Edwards shares his view on mortality trends in the UK, wondering whether diseases of despair are on the rise:
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2019-09-09   |   FIDES 2019

Santa Cruz, Bolivia: How can help insurers find new ways to enhance business capabilities and unlock additional growth potentials? Claude Chèvre talks about Hannover Re’s exclusive online platform that brings together digital innovators and insurtechs with insurance companies. Inspired by his presentation and ready to shape the future of insurance? Stop by our booths 40/41 and 48/49 to discuss with our Hannover Re experts.


2019-09-03   |   Digital distribution

Is the adaption of digital distribution methods inevitable in the insurance industry? Hannover Re's Tony Laudato discusses how the insurance industry must adapt to technology or else they'll be left behind via Insurance Thought Leadership:
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2019-09-03   |   hr | Reflex

Thank you for your valuable feedback: European clients and Hannover Re experts shared experiences gained with hr | Reflex. The event, held in Hamburg, also included a keynote speech on pay-as-you-live concepts, followed by workshops with our digital incubator team, a sneak preview of our brand-new underwriting workbench and an introduction to hr | equarium, our insurtech innovation pool.


2019-09-02   |   Actuarial training

This week, Hannover Re conducts its innovative and exclusive programme in Port of Spain and Bogotá covering important aspects like product development, pricing, valuation, reporting and risk management. Case studies as well as interactive sessions ensure a dynamic mix of theory and practice. Our experts are looking forward to working with participants from the Caribbean and Latin America.


2019-08-08   |   Digitalisation

Hannover Re's Tony Laudato answers the key questions life insurance companies will have on their digitalisation journeys via Digital Insurance (formerly Insurance Networking News).
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2019-08-05   |   Innovation

"The main misconception with digital distribution is that it’s all about replacing traditional marketing" - Hannover Re's Head of Partnership Solutions in the US, Tony Laudato, discusses how insurers can embrace the nuances of digital marketing in Digital Insurance (formerly Insurance Networking News).
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2019-07-26   |   Actuarial training

Hannover Life Reassurance Africa Limited launched the second module of its innovative Actuarial Training. The programme consists of three modules and includes case studies as well as interactive sessions covering a wide range of important aspects: from product development and pricing to valuation, reporting and risk management. Baveshan Harbhajan, Simba Takawira, Hetal Kalan and Sören Kruse enjoyed working with participants from various African markets.


2019-07-17   |   Insurtech pitch

Fintech Meetup, SIX and F10 FinTech Incubator & Accelerator conducted an insurtech pitch in Mumbai this Monday. The event brought together start-ups from insurance, lending, payments, wealth management and financial inclusion with insurers, reinsurers and venture capital funds. Puneet Nalam and Dr Arun Kishore from Hannover Re Indian Branch attended the event, which facilitated meaningful discussions on the opportunities that partnerships with thriving start-ups can create for the (re)insurance business. 


2019-07-12   |   Hannover Re seminar

This week, the Life & Health division of Hannover Re Malaysian Branch and the Family division of Hannover ReTakaful Labuan Branch held a half-day underwriting seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 30 participants from Conventional and Takaful companies in Malaysia as well as special invitees from the Cambodian insurance industry attended the tailor-made event that was exclusively designed to respond to local market requirements.


2019-06-28   |   Hannover Re seminar

This month, Hannover Re experts travelled to Saly, Senegal, to facilitate an intensive two-day seminar on topics related to the future of life and health insurance. Special emphasis was placed on digital technology and its application through innovative tools. Further, Dr. Cheikh Tidiane Mbodj, Medical Advisor, discussed local market specifics and social aspects. A partner of Hannover Re talked about his approach to health insurance. At the end of the seminar, the 30 participants from nine countries received their certificates.


2019-06-27   |   Education & Training

Hannover Re welcomed claims underwriters from the French life insurance industry to an exclusive Education & Training session in Paris. From basic claims-handling aspects to practical real-life examples and interactive training – the Claims Module supports participants in ensuring the optimum quality of the claims process. Here is some further information on our training concept in French:
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2019-06-20   |   ASEAN seminar

Hannover Re Malaysian Branch Life & Health Division conducted the 19th edition of its flagship ASEAN seminar in Stockholm, Sweden. The event brought together insurers from South Asia and Southeast Asia. Industry speakers and Hannover Re experts provided an update on current market developments and held presentations on financial solutions, innovations, data science and customer engagement.


2019-06-11   |   Technology

Reinsurance News recently spoke with Tony Laudato about the influence of technology on the life and health re/insurance sector, where advancements in tech are starting to play a more meaningful role:
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2019-05-31   |   ReCent UK insights: Vaping

Smoking remains the biggest preventable differentiator when it comes to life insurance costs. A new start-up recently launched with a product aimed at offering discounts for policyholders who replace smoking with less harmful alternatives. Should we offer those who vape cheaper life insurance? Tim Smith shares his views on vaping in the first edition of ReCent UK insights:
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2019-05-28   |   Innovation

Tony Laudato speaks with Reinsurance News on trends in the US life market as more companies embrace new technology.
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2019-05-21   |   Education & Training

From Europe to Asia, insurers’ underwriting and claims personnel benefit from Hannover Re’s exclusive education & training programmes. Key topics of our seminars in Milan, Edinburgh and Seoul this month: Strengthening medical underwriting and claims decision abilities as well as understanding related insurance principles.


2019-05-17   |   hr | equarium explained (5/5)

Insights from Patrick Kosmützky on how hr | equarium is helping to shape the future of insurance. Read, register, and rethink what is possible:


"A global network of innovations" - Interview with Patrick Kosmützky on hr | equarium

2019-05-16   |   hr | equarium explained (4/5)

What can hr | equarium do for you that an online search engine can’t? Register now and, instead of searching for the best-fit solutions, start finding them:


2019-05-15   |   hr | equarium explained (3/5)

Our online platform provides access to a diverse range of solutions spanning the entire insurance value chain, propelling the industry forward by making it easier to find and implement new technology. Register now and browse through inspiring solutions provided by insurtechs from around the globe:

2019-05-14   |   hr | equarium explained (2/5)

What is the idea behind hr | equarium, our insurtech innovation pool? It helps guide valuable collaborations between insurtechs and insurers. Join the platform now:


2019-05-13   |   hr | equarium explained (1/5)

Insurers and insurtechs alike are buzzing about hr | equarium, but you are still wondering what it really is? Patrick Kosmützky explains it for you. Be sure to join us on our mission to connect innovators and register now:

2019-05-06   |   Hybrid policies

A recent article by Tony Laudato in The Insurance Advocate Magazine explores the benefits of long-term care hybrid products and potential they have to revitalize the market.
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2019-05-02   |   Product innovation

In some cultures, parents are financially dependent on their children – especially in older ages. However, what happens if parents outlive their children? Products such as Hannover Re’s parents protection plan allow insurers to provide an affordable and easy-to-understand longevity coverage for parents in such a life situation to mitigate the financial shortfall.
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2019-04-29   |   Canadian Reinsurance Conference

The 63rd annual Canadian Reinsurance Conference brought together actuaries, medical underwriters, administration experts, and innovators from around the globe. The impactful and thought-provoking event focused on current industry topics and allowed for collaboration and knowledge sharing so that the insurance industry can continue to provide value and protection to consumers in the time of their greatest need. Hannover Re was actively involved in the conference with experts presenting and moderating sessions on partnerships with insurtechs, inforce business management, and medical advancements in life underwriting. For next year’s conference (24 March 2020), Amhlaoibh Lynch will be Chair.


2019-04-25   |   World Malaria Day

Vector-borne diseases like Malaria can cause significant financial burden. With its product design expertise, Hannover Re helps insurers provide adequate protection to those affected.
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2019-04-24   |   hr | equarium

Exciting to see that hr | equarium, our insurtech innovation pool, was so well received among insurers and insurtechs alike since its launch. Be sure to join us on our mission to connect innovators and register now:

2019-04-23   |   Innovation

Tony Laudato talks to Insurance Business America about what can breathe new life into the life insurance industry.
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2019-04-09   |   Sleep

Should insurers pay closer attention to the relevance of sleep in risk assessment? This article looks at the growing field of sleep epidemiology. Read more from Hannover Re’s Lauren Acton:
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2019-04-04   |   World Health Day

All around the world people need affordable coverage for incurring medical expenses. Thanks to our tailor-made solutions we support insurers to offer adequate health insurance at a fair price to as many people as possible.


2019-04-04   |   Mumbai Fintech Accelerator

The event brought together start-ups from areas such as insurance, lending, payments, wealth management, and financial inclusion with insurers, banks, non-banking finance companies, and venture capital funds. GLN Sarma and Kingshuk Chakraborty shared their perspectives on the state of the Indian insurance industry, global trends, the role of insurtech, and how Hannover Re, as an innovative global reinsurer, can support forward-thinking initiatives.


2019-04-02   |   Innovation

A new article in Insurance Innovation Reporter by Tony Laudato looks at innovation in the life industry and the concept of reciprocal intelligence.
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2019-04-02   |   Hannover Re client event Asunción

Interactive workshop in Asunción: Participants from the Paraguayan market take a close look at the complex factors and principles of life & health (re)insurance business together with our Hannover Re experts.


2019-03-28   |   Hannover Re client event São Paulo

What is the best way to respond to digital disruption and the rapid pace of innovation? This is just one of the innovation-related topics that our Hannover Re experts take up in São Paulo today.


2019-03-27   |   Hannover Re award

In order to foster top talent in India and to encourage the professional development of the local insurance market, Hannover Re India Branch established the Academic Excellence Award for Enterprise Risk Management. It honours candidates who achieved outstanding ST9 exam results. Earlier this month, GLN Sarma presented Pooja Pimputkar with the award. Congratulations!


2019-03-26   |   Education & Training

Designed and adapted for specific markets, products and experience levels, Hannover Re’s education & training programmes provide necessary theoretical background in conjunction with real-life examples and practical, interactive training sessions. Just last week in Bangkok, Hannover Re welcomed experienced claims managers from the insurance industry.


2019-03-22   |   Hannover Re seminar

Hannover Re Mexico supports life & health insurers in achieving the development, growth, and profitability they seek: Alejandra Bautista and team are committed to build stable long-term client partnerships based on excellence, efficiency and innovation. Just last week, an exclusive event in Mexico City brought together local key decision makers. The event was joined by Claude Chèvre, who introduced hr | equarium, Hannover Re’s online platform that connects insurance companies to innovators and insurtechs.


2019-03-21   |   Hannover Re seminar

“The customer’s journey”: Our exclusive seminar in Israel covered various innovative topics – from hr | ReFlex, our automated underwriting system now also available in Hebrew, to Qinematic, a posture scan that helps insurers to reduce long-term disability and to improve their decision-making capabilities at the underwriting or claim stage.


2019-03-20   |   Financial solutions

A recent "Reinsurance News" article highlights an expansion of Hannover Re's capabilities in the US life & health market with Kubera Insurance (SAC) Ltd. 
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2019-03-20   |   Customer engagement

Real-time health data opens up opportunities for risk assessment, product design and pricing. To unlock the full potential, data has to be understood, analysed and translated into actionable business information. Together, Hannover Re and dacadoo offer life and health insurers a comprehensive technical solution that enables customer engagement and pay-as-you-live insurance products with variable premiums based on individual health data. 
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2019-03-18   |   Education & Training

Hannover Re attaches great importance to systematic training and guidance for insurers’ underwriting and claims personnel. We have just completed an exclusive education & training seminar on Takaful insurance in Riyadh last week.


2019-03-13   |   Education & Training

Hannover Re’s exclusive education & training seminar in Dubai this week brought together participants from Takaful and conventional insurance companies. Strengthening medical underwriting and claims decision abilities as well as understanding related insurance principles were the key topics.
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2019-03-11   |   Global Conference of Actuaries

More than 700 delegates from the life and health insurance industry attended the 20th Global Conference of Actuaries (GCA) in Mumbai last week. Organised by the Institute of Actuaries, this year’s theme was “Expanding the horizon, strengthening the core”. Hannover Re India Branch was among the sponsors. With many renowned Indian and international speakers, the event once again served as an excellent platform for networking, exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences.


2019-03-08   |   Emerging technology

Tony Laudato sits down with Digital Insurance to talk about the possibilities of emerging technology in life insurance.
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2019-03-05   |   Client seminar

“New product ideas and reinsurance solutions”: Hannover Re India Branch’s annual flagship event was held in Mumbai last week. Over 40 attendees enjoyed presentations on innovative products and solutions for the Indian market – from dental insurance and funeral benefit cover to Hannover Re’s automated underwriting system hr | QUIRC.


2019-03-04   |   AUCC

The ASISA Underwriting and Claims Conference (AUCC), co-sponsored by Hannover Re and chaired by Dr Matthew Procter, brought together insurers and reinsurers and involved underwriters, claims assessors, managers and key decision makers. Around 300 delegates attended the event that focused on digitalisation in the insurance industry and the importance of keeping the human touch.


2019-02-27   |   hr | equarium

Hannover Re proudly announces the launch of hr | equarium, our insurtech innovation pool. The exclusive online platform brings together insurtechs and digital innovators with insurance companies ready to shape the future of our industry. Register now:

2019-02-25   |   Solvency solutions: Japan 

For Japanese insurers, economic value-based solvency evaluation and regulation as well as longevity risk are topics of increasing relevance. Hannover Re experts discussed implications and solutions during a seminar held in Tokyo last week.


2019-02-25   |   Solvency solutions: Korea 

Last week’s Solvency Solutions Seminar held by Hannover Re Korea focused on the regulatory changes in the Korean insurance industry: Hannover Re experts discussed implications, challenges and solutions; over 100 guests participated and shared their ideas. Hannover Re Korea appreciates the fruitful exchange of thoughts and everyone’s interest and participation.


2019-02-19   |   hr | equarium launch

Rethink insurance – hr | equarium, Hannover Re’s insurtech innovation pool, coming soon.

2019-02-12   |   Product innovation

Vector-borne diseases are one of the prevalent infections in India. We support a product which is designed to provide financial protection in case of vector-borne disease. This underpins Hannover Re’s commitment to support solutions and services for underserved consumers.
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2019-02-06   |   Term insurance

At the 14th "Current Issues in Life Assurance" (CILA), the flagship event of the Institute of Actuaries India, GLN Sarma, CEO of Hannover Re India Branch, joined a panel that discussed the sustainability of term insurance rates and the segmentation approach to making it work in a country as vast as India. The profiling concept, the ability to do such exercise, and the impact of declaration-based profiling at claims stage were discussed in detail as well as the challenges reinsurers and insurers face.


2019-02-04   |   World Cancer Day

At Hannover Re, we are committed to supporting life insurers on their mission to offer people the protection and support they need. Our medical newsletter ReCent is just one example – various issues approach the cancer topic from different angles:
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2019-01-30   |   Hybrid policies

Tony Laudato's recent article in Insurance Thought Leadership explores how two problems present a big opportunity in the US life insurance market:
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2019-01-24   |   Automated underwriting

In a recent MarketWatch video, Hannover Re's Michael Reeves and Craig Simms of Vantis Life Insurance Company discuss how automated and accelerated underwriting are shaping the future of the life insurance industry.
View video

2019-01-15   |   Hannover Re at ICLAM

Learn more about insurance medicine, risk underwriting and claims assessment at the ICLAM Congress 2019. Benefit from early bird rates by registering before 10th of March 2019.

HR at ICLAM2019


2018-12-20   |  Hybrid life

Tony Laudato's recent article in InsuranceNewsNet discusses the opportunities and benefits of hybrid policies which combine life insurance and long-term care benefits. For those that can get it right, the rewards will be significant.
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2018-12-14   |  Solvency II

Solvency ratios of German life insurers vary significantly: In our sample, they range from 115% to 996%; the industry average is slightly above 400%. While an above-average ratio gives companies a competitive edge, especially those selling through brokers, a lower-level ratio may be sufficient for insurers who mainly focus on efficient capital allocation. Tailored reinsurance solutions support both objectives:
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2018-12-13   |  Solvency II

Longevity, the second-major life underwriting risk, materialises in the long run. In addition to the risk itself, interest is a major driver of solvency capital requirements (SCR): The lower the interest rate, the higher the SCR. Asset liability management cannot mitigate this effect since it would result in a mismatch of the best estimate cash flows. However, it can be reduced via reinsurance solu­tions to trans­fer longe­vity risk e.g. a regular premium annuity treaty:
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2018-12-12   |  Solvency II

Life underwriting risk constitutes around 30% of overall risk exposure. About 25% of the 84 German life insurance companies included in our analysis provide information on their individual split of life underwriting risks: Lapse turns out to be the major risk. Many companies‘ solvency capital requirements for this risk are based on the mass lapse scenario. In Europe, reinsurance solutions for mass lapse are well established.


2018-12-11   |  Solvency II

Interest rates are a main driver of volatility of life insurers‘ Solvency II ratios. We have analysed the effectiveness of the two measures available to mitigate interest-related effects – volatility adjustment and matching adjustment. For the German and Spanish companies included in our sample, both instruments work equally well, each increasing solvency ratios by around 70 percentage points.


2018-12-10   |  Solvency II

German life insurers‘ solvency positioning further improved from 2016 to 2017. While clearly the main driver, increased interest rates are not the sole reason for the excellent year-on-year development. It is interesting that the effectiveness of transitional measures, which allow companies to move to full SII implementation over a 16-year period, has not declined.


2018-12-07   |  Solvency II

How can life insurers ensure sound and competitive solvency ratios under Solvency II? Based on data of 84 German companies, Mathias Schröder, Christiane Kück and Michael Winkler have examined key determinants and their effects in an article just recently published in „Versicherungswirtschaft“. Next week, we will share additional insights from their analysis here.


2018-11-19   |  Education & Training

Being well prepared for the majority of day-to-day cases: During an exclusive education & training session in Seoul last week our Hannover Re experts covered general life underwriting and claims handling aspects.
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2018-11-14   |  Retirement solutions

Facing the challenges of increasing life expectancy. Hannover Re’s longevity experts support insurance companies worldwide in developing tailor-made retirement solutions: 
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2018-11-13   |  Genetic tests

What can a genetic test reveal about us? And what pitfalls can underwriters experience given the variety of tests available today? Read more from Hannover Re’s Gareth Matthews: 
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2018-11-12   |  Education & Training

How to maintain high quality of claims assessment in conventional and Takaful life insurance business? This was the key topic our Hannover Re experts focused on during their exclusive interactive education & training seminar for claims personnel in Kuala Lumpur:
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2018-11-07   |   Short-duration life insurance

Tony Laudato of Hannover Re's Partnership Solutions team discusses the opportunities for short-term life insurance policies and the collaboration with Life by Spot in a recent Reinsurance News article:
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2018-10-24   |   Underwriting automation

What can hr | ReFlex do for you? Our highly-rated automated underwriting solution:
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2018-10-15   |   Society of Actuaries

Hannover Re US is pleased to announce the following speakers at this year’s Society of Actuaries Annual Meeting. Clint Thompson is presenting "IFRS 17: A Peek at the Finance Cockpit of 2021". John Di Meo is moderating "Financial Reporting Impacts of Tax Reform". And Thomas Colbrook is presenting "How Companies Use Financial Reinsurance to Optimize Efficiency". We look forward to seeing you at the 2018 SOA Annual Meeting in Nashville, TN.


2018-10-09   |   Hannover Re event

Impressions from our exclusive event in Madrid hosted by Eduardo Molinari and Azucena López. Enjoy the snippets of Claude Chèvre’s enthralling presentation and of Juan Manuel López Iturriaga’s inspiring food-for-thought speech. 

2018-10-04   |   Cooperation

Hannover Re’s underwriting solution, hr | ReFlex, will be combined with dacadoo’s health engagement app, enabling life and health insurers in Europe and Asia to offer consumers a digital end-to-end solution. At a later phase, the partners aim to develop a fully integrated technical solution, as well as product concepts based on individual lifestyle and health engagement.
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2018-10-02   |   Cooperation

Hannover Re US and Life by Spot have joined forces to develop a new market category in the US life insurance market.
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2018-09-24   |   Longevity 14

Globally, longevity risks exceed the available capacity in the insurance and reinsurance industry; therefore, systematic longevity risks should ultimately also be transferred to the capital markets. A standardized, coherent set of securities will help to increase liquidity in the market. Hannover Re’s Cord-Roland Rinke discussed some of these possibilities at last Friday’s plenary session at the L14 Conference.


2018-09-20   |   Hannover Re seminar

Will blockchain revolutionize the (re)insurance industry? What are the key benefits of hr | ReFlex, our automated underwriting solution? How about offering life insurance without underwriting? These are just a few of the innovation-related topics that our Hannover Re experts will take up in Turin today:
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2018-09-17   |   Longevity 14

Hannover Re is looking forward to the L14 conference in Amsterdam on 20th and 21st September. Don’t miss the chance to join Friday’s plenary session on longevity investment and the regulatory dimension. Hannover Re’s Cord-Roland Rinke will speak about a new framework for longevity index covers. Cord will provide you with new insights into insurance-linked securities based on mortality improvements. Find the programme here:
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2018-09-17   |   Education & Training

Hannover Re UK Life Branch welcomed life underwriters and claims assessors to an exclusive education & training session. A warm thank you to all attendees for their contributions and to our expert trainers Katarzyna Preuss-Beranek and Dr. Heinrich Duhme for sharing their experience:
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2018-09-13   |   Hannover Re seminar

“Reinventing the insurance industry” – that is the overarching theme of today’s exclusive Hannover Re event in Madrid. From business-related innovations to impulses that go beyond the insurance horizon: Claude Chèvre and former professional basketball player Juan Manuel López Iturriaga are ready for their speeches. Hosts of the day are Eduardo Molinari and Azucena López.


2018-09-05   |   Hannover Re seminar

How can innovative distribution, underwriting and product solutions help to shape the markets of the future? During today’s exclusive Hannover Re seminar in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Claude Chèvre, Edgar Chávez and Andreas Wadhwa will discuss trends in the life and health insurance industry.


2018-08-28   |   Cancer

What are the reasons for the dramatic incidence rise of thyroid cancer in the last three decades and are there implications for life insurers? Read more from Hannover Re’s Paul Edwards: 
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2018-08-13   |   Obesity

Covering current statistics, causes and consequences, and the implications for life insurers, this article by Hannover Re UK’s Nay Wynn takes a look at obesity from an actuarial point of view: 
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2018-07-25   |   Underwriting automation

hr | ReFlex, our award-winning automated underwriting solution, has just gone live with a Takaful company in Pakistan. One more milestone on the way to creating industry-changing accelerated underwriting programs together with our clients across the globe.

Our underwriting systems are amongst the most highly rated in customer satisfaction, according to an independent survey amongst over 1,500 decision makers in the insurance industry worldwide. Learn more about hr | ReFlex and the benefits it can bring to your company: 
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2018-07-18   |   Award

Congratulations to Doug Ingle, Vice President, Underwriting Research, on his election to the AHOU: Association of Home Office Underwriters Hall of Fame.
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2018-06-28   |   Underwriting automation

Congratulations to Penn Mutual on its Impact Award. Penn Mutual’s Accelerated Client Experience (ACE) uses hr | ReFlex, Hannover Re’s automated underwriting solution, in its process. ACE is a fully digital platform that streamlines the application processing and decision-making time from an industry average of 30 days or more to as little as 24 hours and accounts for 35% of Penn Mutual’s life business.
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2018-06-27   |   Asset care

Hannover Re is pleased to announce a reinsurance agreement with OneAmerica related to its Asset Care business:
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2018-06-19   |   Underwriting

A recent article by Hannover Re's Michelle Privett in On The Risk looks at things rarely seen in life underwriting as well as interesting developments in scientific research and medical advancement:
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2018-06-08   |   International Congress of Actuaries

Many pension funds promise a benefit to the pensioner’s spouse when the pensioner dies. Often, the funds do not know anything about the spouse, not even whether the pensioner has one. Setting the right assumptions can be tricky: As always, there are substantial differences between the general and the insured population. Hannover Re’s Sven Wiesinger discussed some of those in his talk at the ICA 2018 this morning.


2018-05-31   |   Smoking

Tobacco is enemy number one when thinking about preventable morbidity and mortality. Are e-cigarettes as safe an alternative as advertising wants to make consumers believe? And what about the prevalence of e-cigarette use rising not just among smokers wanting to quit? We take a holistic view of e-cigarettes to get a better understanding in this recently updated article by Matthew Procter:
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2018-05-28   |   International Congress of Actuaries

Are you attending ICA 2018 in Berlin next week? Then don’t miss the chance to join Friday’s pensions session focusing on risk management and solvency: Hannover Re’s Sven Wiesinger will speak about biometric risks in pension block portefeuilles. Find the full programme here:
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2018-05-24   |   Customer engagement

Sureify announces the completion of the Apply & Buy platform, a sophisticated omnichannel sales engagement solution for the life insurance industry. Hannover Re has partnered with Sureify to offer their insurance customers hr | ReFlex, our award-winning accelerated underwriting solution. Congratulations to Dustin Yoder and the team at Sureify on their Apply & Buy launch!
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2018-05-23   |   Anniversary

This month marks the 10th anniversary of our branch offices in Shanghai and Seoul. We greatly value the successful business relationships established over the past decade. Fook-Kong Lye, Simon Chong and teams will continue to dedicate all their energy and expertise to providing Life & Health clients in the region with innovative solutions and timely services.


2018-05-14   |   Rheumatoid arthritis

Dr. Heinrich Duhme discusses how increased diagnostic accuracy and more effective treatment schemes together with new drugs help in tackling one of the most important rheumatic diseases, which can basically affect all major product lines (e.g. health, disability, critical illness, long-term care and life): 
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2018-05-08   |   Innovation

Around one third of the population has a movement-related disorder. With the Qinematic Posture Scan software Hannover Re helps insurers looking for innovative solutions to reduce long-term disability and to improve their decision-making capabilities at the underwriting or claim stage thanks to reliable digital 3-D measurements: 
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Risk management

2018-04-19   |   Risk management

Under emerging risk-bearing arrangements in the U.S., healthcare providers become financially responsible for the care they deliver and have to cover any costs that surpass a stated benchmark – a severe financial risk. As risk management experts we offer solutions that are designed to mitigate financial risk and enable more predictable cash flows, profits and earnings:
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Risk management

2018-03-19   |   New office

Our worldwide network of offices allows our Life & Health clients to have a competent contact with superb knowledge of the local (re)insurance market available directly on the spot – now also in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire: 
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New office

2018-03-08   |   Innovation

Together, we can transform today’s challenges into tangible opportunities – anywhere in the world as illustrated by these exemplary business cases:
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2018-02-21   |   Insurtech

Hannover Re can help bridge the gap between insurtechs and life insurance carriers by vetting new solutions and making mutually beneficial connections for both. In partnership with our clients and insurtech partners, we seek to create industry-changing accelerated underwriting programs with hr | ReFlex, our state-of-the-art automated underwriting solution. With an open and modern architecture, hr | ReFlex’s design emphasizes components and functionality that maximize flexibility and ease of implementation. We are trusted by carriers and insurtechs alike for our innovative technology, mortality expertise and partnership approach. Contact us to learn more about our Partnership Solutions team and hr | ReFlex.


2018-02-02   |   World Cancer Day

At Hannover Re, we take research and knowledge transfer very seriously and are committed to supporting life insurers on their mission to offer people the protection and support they need. ReCent, our medical newsletter, is just one example – various issues deal with the cancer topic approaching it from different angles:
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World Cancer Day

2018-01-22   |   Prostate cancer

Monique Esterhuizen discusses the significance of early stage prostate cancer and the resulting implications for life insurers:
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Prostate cancer