Innovative, flexible and custo­mized solu­tions for the health­care market

Hannover Life Re­assu­rance Com­pany of Ame­rica delivers inno­vative finan­cial and re­insu­rance solu­tions to the health­care market that address clients’ risk tole­rance and capital needs. These solu­tions may enable our clients to bring new pro­ducts to market, access capital to fund growth opportu­nities or address regula­tory concerns. Addi­tio­nally, our acci­dent re­insu­rance and spe­cialty health solu­tions en­compass flexible programs aimed at affor­dably reducing our clients’ retained expo­sure. Our clients in the health­care market include:

  • Life insurers
  • Health insurers
  • Third-party adminis­trators
  • Accoun­table Care Organi­zations (ACOs)
  • Physicians groups
  • Other health­care providers

Our health solu­tions can provide catas­trophic risk protec­tion, improved capital effi­ciency, greater return on equity, and reduced cost of capital, all the while en­abling our clients to meet their regu­latory solvency requirements.

Depending on our clients’ needs, these bene­fits can help health plans grow exis­ting member­ship, diver­sify their product offe­rings, and expand into new markets, and can assist provi­ders, such as primary care physi­cian groups, ACOs, inte­grated hospital net­works and Special Needs Plans leve­rage our finan­cial strength to execute on shared savings arrangements.

Learn more about our recent work in the ACO market here.

We have operated in the health insu­rance market, inclu­ding the senior market, for almost two decades and are known as the leading provider of inno­vative solutions.