We benefit from our well-diversified portfolio: Diversification reduces capital requirements and lowers earnings volatility.

Hannover Re pursues a consistent strategy of portfolio diversification,  both geographically and in terms of products. We transact reinsurance in our business groups Property & Casualty and Life & Health reinsurance. Through our global presence and our activities in all lines of reinsurance we achieve optimal risk diversification.

Gross written premium by regions - Group 31.12.2020

Region% of gross written premium
Hannover Re Group
North America 33.0%
United Kingdom 13.8%
Other European countries 15.5%
Asia 17.5%
Germany 7.1%
Australia 6.7%
Latin America 4.3%
Africa 2.1%

Property & Casualty reinsurance

Hannover Re offers its customers a comprehensive range of products in treaty and facultative reinsurance as well as in the area of structured reinsurance solutions and direct business. We make our consulting expertise and services available to promote lasting profitable business relationships and may occasionally acquire equity participations or otherwise invest in selected business partners.

Gross written premium by lines of business
Property & Casualty reinsurance

Business lines% of gross written premium property and casualty reinsurance
Americas 22.2%
Asia-Pacific 12.6%
Europe, Middle East and Africa 26.0%
Facultative reinsurance 5.4%
Structured R/I and ILS 21.2%
Aviation and Marine 3.9%
Agricultural Risks 3.9%
Credit, surety and political risks 5.0%

Gross written premium by regions
Property & Casualty reinsurance

Region% of gross premium
North America 37.4%
Other European countries 17.3%
Asia 15.7%
United Kingdom 11.3%
Germany 9.3%
Latin America 3.8%
Australia 3.6%
Africa 1.6%

Life & Health reinsurance

Hannover Re offers its customers worldwide reinsurance protection in all lines of life and health insurance. Customer relationships are structured as long-term partnerships, with the aim of developing individually tailored solutions. We support our clients with the financing of new business and financial optimisation and we offer product partnerships for strategic market positioning.

Gross written premium by reporting category
Life & Health reinsurance

Reporting category% of gross written premium
life and health reinsurance
Financial Solutions 15.8%
Longevity 16.6%
Mortality 37.8%
Morbidity 29.7%

Gross written premium by regions
Life & Health reinsurance

Region% of gross premium
North America 23.9%
United Kingdom 18.9%
Asia 21.3%
Australia/New Zealand 13.0%
Other European countries 12.0%
Latin America 5.3%
Germany 2.5%
Africa 3.0%