FTSE4Good Index-Serie

Global index family measuring performance in relation to sustainability and corporate governance


Participation on the part of the reinsurer in a particular individual risk assumed by the direct insurer. This is in contrast to obligatory reinsurance (also: treaty reinsurance).

Fair value

Price at which a financial instrument is freely traded between two parties.

Financial Solutions

Reinsurance transactions which – in addition to the transfer of biometric risks – also include financing components such as financing arrangements for new and existing business, reserve relief, smoothing of volatility in results, optimisation of the solvency position.

Frequency losses

Losses that occur frequently in a foreseeable amount, i. e. where the underlying risks are associated with relatively high probabilities of occurrence and usually low loss amounts.

Funds held by ceding companies/funds held under reinsurance treaties

cf. Deposits with ceding companies / deposits received from retrocessionaires