Percentage rate (usually of the premium income) of the reinsured portfolio which is to be paid to the reinsurer as reinsurance premium under a non-proportional reinsurance treaty.


Passing on of a primary insurer's or reinsurer's risks to a reinsurer.

Reinsurance Revenue

Reinsurance revenue is the income generated from providing reinsurance services to ceding insurers. It encompasses the insurance service expenses like claims and expenses as expected at the beginning of the period, as well as the release of contractual service margin and the risk adjustment for the period, representing the revenue component of the reinsurer's financial performance.

Reinsurance Service Result

The Reinsurance Service Result is the financial outcome of providing reinsurance services to ceding insurers. It includes the net result from premiums, claims, and expenses, reflecting the performance and profitability of the reinsurance operations.


Company which accepts risks or portfolio segments from a direct insurer or another reinsurer in exchange for an agreed premium.

Reserve ratio

Ratio of (gross or net) technical provisions to the (gross or net) premiums.


Reinsurance in accordance with Islamic law (Sharia-compliant). The business model is similar in form to that of mutual insurance and addresses, among other things, the prohibition of interest in Islam.


The part of the accepted risks which an insurer/reinsurer does not reinsure, i.e. shows as net (retention ratio: percentage share of the retention relative to the gross written premium).

Retrocession (also: Retro)

Ceding of risks or shares in risks which have been reinsured. Retrocessions are ceded to other risk carriers (retrocessionaires) in exchange for a pro-rata or separately calculated premium (cf. Gross/Retro/Net.

Risk Adjustment

The Risk Adjustment is an amount added to estimated cash flows from reinsurance contracts to account for inherent uncertainty and risk. It represents the potential financial impact of adverse events and ensures accurate portrayal of the risk in the reinsurer's portfolio, aiding in pricing, reserving, and financial transparency.

Risk capital

The capital at risk notionally allocated to a risk category.

Risk, insured

Risk that can lead to the occurrence of a loss. The insured risk is the subject of the insurance contract.