Hannover Re is committed to responsible and transparent enterprise management that is geared to lasting success. The foundation for good enterprise management is established by the company's Corporate Strategy, Corporate Governance Principles and Code of Conduct. They ensure integrity in dealings with business partners, employees, shareholders and the public at large. In the context of its strategy and in day-to-day business Hannover Re is always guided by high ethical standards.

As a listed European joint-stock company (SE) based in Hannover, Hannover Re is subject to SE-specific laws – as well as German laws governing stock corporations and the capital market – and laws on co-determination, especially the participation agreement concluded with the employees. The three governance bodies of Executive Board, Supervisory Board and General Meeting make up the governance structure of the organisation. Their cooperation is regulated by law and by the company’s Articles of Association. The fundamental hallmarks are a two-tier governance system with its transparent and effective split into management (Executive Board) and its oversight (Supervisory Board).

Given that the trust of its stakeholder groups and an immaculate reputation are essential to Hannover Re's success, the company makes every effort to engage in an active dialogue with its stakeholders.