Employees rank among the most important factors in Hannover Re's success. Employing successful staff over the long term is one of the ten key elements of the Group Strategy. The company is committed to fostering its employees to the best of its ability in their professional and personal growth. Personnel management at Hannover Re is assisted by the "Performance Excellence" management system. For example, agreements are reached with managerial staff on targets (management by objectives) and Personnel Development Workshops are held with the aim of furthering staff development.

Strategic initiative: Talent Management

It is our goal to to attract and retain a strong and dedicated workforce at all our locations. We strive to strengthen our employer brand, encourage and facilitate mobility across functions and offices, refine succession planning and strengthen the talent review process. We also plan to focus development programmes on underwriting and leadership, strengthen diversity and inclusion, and improve services through efficient systems, streamlined processes and a global network of human resources professionals.

There are four areas for which Hannover Re has set itself explicit goals in its sustainability strategy. Please feel free to click through to learn more about us as an employer:

Training and development

Employee health and wellness

Diversity and equal opportunities