The voluntary commitment made by our company to environmental conservation forms the basis of our environmental management system. Our stated objective is to keep the adverse environmental impacts of our business activities to a minimum.

The environmental policy is an integral component of our Sustainability Strategy. In this context, we put the focus of our efforts on reducing CO2 emissions caused by our business travel and the supply of electricity and heat to our premises. In addition, we do our utmost to ensure the economical and resource-saving use of materials and raw materials such as paper and water and to reduce waste quantities.

Within the scope of our procurement activities we pay close attention to compliance with social and environmental standards when it comes to choosing products and selecting our suppliers.

Our reinsurance offerings are geared to the needs of the market and our clients. In view of changing social challenges, we shall increasingly offer products designed to protect against emerging economic, social and ecological risks. We attach special importance to protection against risks associated with climate change as well as insurance coverage for socially vulnerable groups.

The responsible management of our investments is a high priority. In the interests of our clients, institutional investors and private investors, our investment strategy strives to generate a commensurate market return. Our responsibility in this connection is also reflected in the incorporation of environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG criteria) into our investment policy.

In the context of our environmental management we are dedicated to continuous improvement as well as compliance with all applicable legal obligations and other requirements.

Our Sustainability Strategy is accessible to all employees. The active involvement of all employees in our environmental management system assures effective implementation and attainment of our environmental goals.

In addition, we cultivate an open dialogue with our stakeholders and take account of their legitimate interests.