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2022-02-28  | Can you imagine starting a new position in a time of working from home?

 Read about the experiences from Merle Stegmann and Johanna Ramirez and what they want to take with them for the future.

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2021-10-12  | Thanks for “accompanying” with us in time of transition

Home office was a challenge for many businesses in the past months. We were pleased to be able to continue our business as a result of the professionalism of our clients and partners, but also of our own team.

Do you prefer working at home or in the office?

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2021-07-19  |  30th anniversary of the Credit, Surety and Political Risk Division

We are sure everybody remembers the nineties a bit differently.
Germany was just reunited, dinosaurs made a comeback and you probably have your own valuable memories from that iconic decade.

Also we at Hannover Re remember the nineties quite well.
It was 1991 when we founded our Credit, Surety and Political Risk Division.
Since then, we had many good years as well as a few economic recessions. Our team grew to 18 people, and even 14 babies were born to their families during that time.

Before diving into the next three decades, we want to express our gratitude to all our clients and partners for the cooperation over the last 30 years. We highly appreciate your trust.

A big “thank you” goes out to all those who have been part of our team over the years as well. Without each and everyone of you the development in the past years would not have been possible.

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2021-07-06   |   Surety webinar organized for the Paraguayan market

At the end of May, our colleagues from the @Hannover Re Credit, Surety and Political Risk division were able to travel to Paraguay without having to board a plane and cross the Atlantic Ocean. They organized a webinar called "The Benefits of Surety Insurance", focused on the relationship between surety insurance and the agri-food sector, specifically on the soybean market, highlighting its importance as drivers of development in that country.

A big thank you to all participants who joined us!

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