We are aware of our responsibility to society. For us, this means not only sharing knowledge with various research institutes and universities but also showing cultural, environmental and social engagement and supporting relevant institutions and projects. In so doing, we generate positive effects for society that go beyond our own business operations.

Our activities encompass not only the Hannover location but also our subsidiaries and branches, which engage in their own individual projects in response to social and environmental issues in the various countries. Through our guidelines on donations we have defined our own policies for our social engagement. These guidelines regulate our investment in the community, with special importance attached to the non-profit status of the social groups and projects that we support.

In 2021 we began to develop a new donations concept. Our goal is to enhance our impact as well as our We-Spirit. In this context, our national and international donation guidelines are to be standardised and given a shared thematic emphasis.

Donations to political parties and churches or other political and religious organisations are expressly prohibited.

War in Ukraine

After many years of peace in Europe, war has shattered the lives of millions of people and made all too clear just how fragile democracy and peace can be. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians are currently fleeing their country because their own lives and those of their family members are in peril.

"With Russia's attack on Ukraine we once again see war raging in Europe. This aggression has shaken not only the foundations of peace right across Europe, but is also a direct assault on our fundamental principles of democracy, peace and human rights. Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine and we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with them", commented Jean-Jacques Henchoz, our Group's Chief Executive Officer.

We-Spirit is one of Hannover Re's core values. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder in good times and in bad, and we help those impacted by the crisis and assist with accommodation for their families for example by donating to aid organisations. Our employees have also taken it upon themselves to show selfless commitment when it comes to housing refugees, collecting donations in cash and kind, arranging jobs and much more besides.

We are proud to be part of such an extraordinary community and we would like to thank our staff for their tireless efforts.

For further information we would refer to the section „social commitment“ in our Sustainability Report 2022.