Sustainable action is not static, but must be engaged in dynamically and in consideration of changing environmental conditions. In conformity with the Group Strategy, therefore, Hannover Re also formulates sustainability goals and implements corresponding measures. Hannover Re's aim is to achieve commercial success on the basis of a results-driven business model in accordance with the needs of its staff and society as well as with an eye to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources.

The Group Strategy of Hannover Re is subject to regular review in a three-year cycle. Implementation of the strategy is supported by the holistic management system Performance Excellence 2.0. Each organisational unit of the Hannover Re Group defines its own contribution to the Group strategy with the aid of the internal Strategy Guide document and the Strategy Cockpit tool. In this way, it is ensured that all initiatives and activities within Hannover Re are rigorously linked to the corporate strategy.

Our successful business model and the former ten strategic principles have found their way onto the strategy map. In the course of “striving for sustainable outperformance”, we have defined governance, risk management, compliance and corporate social responsibility as the foundations to pursue our business growth as a trusted global reinsurance partner.