The way we stand, sit and move around plays a major role in our health and wellbeing. Measuring the posture, balance and movement patterns gives us essential clues about existing and potential problems – in the short term and the long term. Hannover Re encourages positive health behaviour and quality of life, and that is why we have partnered with Qinematic®. Their Moovment® software records and measures human movement within a matter of minutes. The participant only has to copy a few onscreen instructions.

The premium onsite 3D service creates a digital twin that is analysed for optimising health and monitoring progress over time. Individuals can also use their mobile phone for the 2D service, which is low cost, convenient and easy to implement. Advanced biomechanics algorithms create immediate animated visualisations and report measurements. The service also enables authorised health providers to download 3D video securely, analyse the performance and give consultations as though the person were actually in the room.

Poor mobility can prevent people from engaging in physical activities which may, in turn, contribute to debilitating illnesses. Qinematic® provides a value-for-money solution to empower people with awareness about their bodies and areas of weakness, improving their lives and helping you, as their insurer, make better informed decisions about their insurance and their health.

With objective information about function and subjective reporting about symptoms over time, pain and disability can be managed much better. And end-customers can enjoy a better quality of home life and work life.

This automated service is easy to implement, very eye catching, and great for promotional activities.

Read more here, or ask your Hannover Re business partner about how we can support you with launching the service, and offering preferential access to this life-changing innovation.