“Staying Focused. Thinking Ahead.“

At Hannover Re, we renew our strategy every three years to ensure our sustainable business success. Our strategy for the years 2024 - 2026 is summarised under the title "Staying Focused. Thinking Ahead.“

Crucial global trends affecting our business, paired with a thorough assessment of our core strengths, form the point of departure for the strategic programme. It is built on strong foundations: sustainability and embedded governance.

"The strategy cycle through to 2026 puts the focus squarely on what Hannover Re stands for: we are pragmatic, client-centric and have a business model geared to the utmost efficiency. Our financial ambition thus builds on our robust foundation to ensure Hannover Re's lasting stability and resilience."

Jean-Jacques Henchoz, CEO Hannover Re

The strategy has three beacons: Focus, Grow and Accelerate.

We remain true to our "somewhat different" approach, the basis of which is a lean and capital-efficient business model with an unchanged clear focus on reinsurance.

Drawing on tailored and innovative reinsurance solutions in combination with continued successful collaboration with our clients, we will ensure profitable growth going forward. This will be supported by further strengthening of our cycle management and portfolio steering.

Accelerating operational efficiency and automation is another key factor in blazing a trail as one of the global industry leaders. What is more, the analysis and use of data can improve risk assessment and decision-making. At the same time, we will continue to embed diversity, equity and inclusion in our strategy and invest in our most important asset: our employees.

Our strategy map

Please find more detailed information in our digital strategy brochure.

The three beacons guide us to reach our ambition on the Group level: We aim to achieve an industry-leading performance in terms of profitability and earnings growth, and a reliable delivery on economic value creation as well as attractive and increasing ordinary dividends. Also, we strive for a high degree of employee engagement and environmental stewardship.

In concrete figures, Hannover Re wants to achieve a return on equity of more than 14% annually on average over the upcoming strategy cycle and growth of more than 5% in the operating result (EBIT). The contractual service margin (net) is planned to grow by more than 2% on average per year over the cycle. Furthermore, a capital adequacy ratio under Solvency II of more than 200% is targeted.

The dividend policy remains unchanged in principle. The increasing earnings expected over the next strategy cycle will support a continued increase of the ordinary dividend. In the years 2024 - 2026 the ordinary dividend is expected to increase year-on-year. The ordinary dividend will be supplemented by a special dividend provided the capitalisation exceeds the capital required for future growth.