Our strategic objective is to increase the investment made by our shareholders on a sustained basis. In this context we take as our benchmark the Global Reinsurance Index (GloRe), which we aim to outperform over a rolling three-year period.

The Global Reinsurance (R/I) Index was established retroactively as at 31 July 2007 and is with effect from 1 January 2012 Hannover Re's benchmark.

The index is calculated as a performance index (reinvestment of dividends) and as price index (no reinvestment of dividends).

The Global R/I Index was selected quite deliberately as the benchmark for our internal performance measurement. The concept complies with all rules and usages for calculating indices. As a global reinsurer – with more than 80% of our premium income deriving from foreign markets and an international investor structure –, we measure our success by the share performance of all listed competitors worldwide. Thus the index comprises the 20 largest listed companies which at least write one third reinsurance premium.

Performance Hannover Re share vs. Global R/I Index

Last update on 01.02.2018

 HNR Xetra
in EUR
Index value
(price index)
Real value on 31.01.2018 110.10 232.22
Year high 112.50 238.02
Year low 104.70 222.74
Year-to-date 4.96% 3.04%
Development since 01.01.2014 76.50% 54.79%

Composition Global Reinsurance Index

Last update on 01.02.2017

The index tracks the price movements of reinsurance companies and includes the following international reinsurance enterprises:

CompanyWeighting in %
Alleghany Corp. 10.15%
Munich Re 9.81%
Swiss Re AG 9.72%
Reinsurance Group of America 9.33%
Everest Re Group Ltd. 8.14%
Hannover Re 7.74%
SCOR SE 6.94%
Axis Capital Holdings Ltd. 6.84%
Renaissancere Holdings Ltd. 6.73%
Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. 6.73%
Qatar Ins. Co. 6.26%
Validus Holdings Ltd. 5.03%
Aspen Ins. Holdings Ltd. 3.85%
China Re (Group) Co. 1.37%
Maiden Holdings Ltd. 1.36%

Short name and ISIN

 Global Reinsurance Index (TR) Performance IndexGlobal Reinsurance Index (PR)
Price Index
Securities identification number SLA1GR SLA1GP
Bloomberg GLORE Index GLOREPR Index
Index currency EUR EUR
Reinvestment of dividends Yes No