Access capital without issuing debt or dilu­ting equity

As a market leader in finan­cial rein­surance solu­tions, we provide direct writers, health plans and provi­ders with alter­native means of accessing capital, which enable them to pursue new lines of business or increase capital reserves. Unlike tradi­tional finan­cing options, these insu­rance based solu­tions offer conside­rable bene­fits over capital market equity or debt. Custo­mized finan­cial solu­tions can be developed to:

  • Improve return on capital
  • Fund organic busi­ness growth
  • Support mergers and acqui­sitions
  • Address regu­latory require­ments

We work with clients of all sizes in the tradi­tional life, health and annui­ties markets to diagnose and address their finan­cial concerns. By levera­ging our under­writing capa­city in these markets, know­ledge of tax and insu­rance environ­ments, as well as our ex­perience navi­gating through a complex regu­latory land­scape, we pro­vide our clients with swift, creative and trans­parent solu­tions for their complex finan­cial issues.

We have placed trans­actions cove­ring a broad array of retail product lines inclu­ding:

  • XXX and non-XXX Term
  • Uni­versal life – with and without Secon­dary Guaran­tees
  • Partici­pating whole life
  • Simpli­fied issue products
  • Fixed, variable and equity-indexed annui­ties
  • Group life
  • Special risks inclu­ding waiver of premium benefits
  • Medicare Supple­ment
  • Medicare Part D
  • Private fee for service and Med Advan­tage plans

Swift solu­tions when time is of the essence

We have exten­sive ex­perience traver­sing through an ever changing and increa­singly complex tax and regu­latory land­scape. Put our ex­perience and rela­tion­ships to work for you to ensure that your struc­tured finan­cial trans­action closes in the time­frame that you want.

Stay compliant amidst regu­latory changes

With the myriad of regu­latory changes in the insu­rance market today, not finding a solution to your regu­latory challenges may prevent you from writing new insu­rance business or fulfill obliga­tions to existing policy­holders. Our finan­cial solu­tions can help you meet your regu­latory require­ments, keeping you compliant with new laws and enable you to concen­trate on growing your business. Addi­tionally, our finan­cial solu­tions can assist you with accessing capital to grow, increase your value to your share­holders, operate more effi­ciently and compete in your chosen market with more com­peti­tively priced product offerings.