As a market leader in health rein­surance and finan­cial solu­tions we can develop custo­mized plans for a number of products, inclu­ding Medi­care Supple­ment, Medi­care Advan­tage, Medi­care Part D and Dual Demon­stration Initia­tives. We offer a suite of capabi­lities, from turnkey options to fully custo­mizable programs that include:

  • Capital relief
  • Reinsu­rance
  • Product deve­lopment
  • Pricing assis­tance
  • Compe­titive analysis
  • Distri­bution expertise

As the nation’s largest profes­sional rein­surer of Medi­care business, opera­ting in this market segment for more than a decade and rein­suring over USD 4 billion of premium for our clients, we have the expe­rience to provide you with inno­vative solu­tions and excep­tional customer service in the senior health market.

Mergers, acqui­sitions and addi­tional services

In addition to offe­ring risk and finan­cial solu­tions in the health market, we can also faci­litate merger and acqui­sition activity. Alter­natively, if you are looking to exit the market we can help you to mone­tize the value in your Medi­care busi­ness or find a stra­tegic partner to sell to.

Some addi­tional Medi­care market services we provide include:

  • Strategic market ana­lysis
  • Adequacy reviews of rates, area factors and trends
  • Morbidity, morta­lity and RX studies