Hannover Life Re­assu­rance Company of America offers Specialty Health reinsu­rance solu­tions that are designed to protect your organi­zation from evol­ving, unstable and poten­tially disas­trous risks. As one of the leading health rein­surers in the market, our inter­national presence, ongoing new product research and con­tinual trends analysis makes us a solid rein­surance partner for insurers and third party inter­mediaries.

As your partner, we will help you develop new and unique specialty health products at compe­titive prices that will enhance your ability to expand your market. This, along with our stra­tegic consul­tation ser­vices, will differen­tiate your insu­rance solu­tions from others in the market.

We provide cost-effec­tive and flexible solu­tions, including:

  • ACA Solutions
  • Critical Illness
  • Medical Accident
  • Medical Specific and Aggregate
  • Medical Excess
  • Travel Protec­tion Benefits
  • Basic and Volun­tary Dental
  • Pres­cription Drug Carve-Outs
  • Basic and Volun­tary Short Term and Inter­mediate Disability
  • Impaired Risk Disa­bility
  • Limited Medical Products – Hospital Indem­nity and Mini-Med
  • Vision Care
  • Medicare Part D – RX
  • Worksite
  • Student Acci­dent and Health Pro­ducts
    • K-12
    • College
    • Sports
    • Youth Camps and Clubs

61 percent of U.S. workers are covered under a self-funded plan. Our medical excess and medical stop loss solu­tions provide protec­tion against catas­trophic or unpre­dictable losses asso­ciated with self-insured plans.