Expand your market and reduce your risk in the indivi­dual life market

Hannover Life Re­assu­rance Company of America’s Life Solu­tions business unit handles tradi­tional risk rein­surance in the US life insu­rance market. We strive to provide our clients with creative, custo­mized and inno­vative solu­tions for even their most challen­ging issues. In doing so, our aim is to deliver an excep­tional cus­tomer expe­rience through­out the rein­surance process. Our team of expert profes­sionals has sub­stantial exper­tise in all aspects of life insu­rance, inclu­ding product develop­ment, expe­rience studies, under­writing, policy adminis­tration, valuation, rein­surance, distri­bution and marketing.

As your partner, we offer valuable services to ensure your success

Our goal is to create long-term, mutually profi­table partner­ships, working with you to grow your business and effec­tively manage your organi­zation’s risk. Our ser­vices go beyond tradi­tional rein­surance and mor­tality risk manage­ment. We offer many added ser­vices to ensure your success, including:

  • Pricing and product design assis­tance
  • Actuarial support in deve­loping morta­lity assumptions
  • Experience studies and analysis
  • Facultative under­writing
  • Electronic under­writing manual and educa­tional plat­form, Ascent
  • Simplified issue solutions

The effec­tive use of data drives results

Success­ful products require com­pelling product design com­bined with sound assump­tions and ana­lysis, both before and after issue. Data is the key to success. We main­tain one of the indus­try’s largest data­bases of insured morta­lity data. Compri­sing trillions of exposure years of data from over fifty direct writers, our data combined with invest­ment in the tools to study and synthe­size it, give our clients a valuable competi­tive edge. We have the depth of know­ledge and expe­rience to partner with you in develo­ping new products, assis­ting in pricing stra­tegies, and offe­ring you the exten­sive morta­lity data and ana­lysis you need to make the right decisions.