hr | ReFlex Select for LabPiQture


hr | ReFlex Select rules for LabPiQture continue to expand and are available through life insurers’ existing connections to ExamOne.

Collaborative study: The protective value of Medical Data


Patient encounters with healthcare providers generate standardized billing codes for diagnoses, procedures, symptoms, and durable medical equipment, such as home oxygen. Milliman IntelliScript’s Medical Data product aggregates medical billing codes from a broad range of sources for use in the evaluation of insurance applicants’ key health conditions.

hr | ReFlex Select for LabPiQture


hr | ReFlex rules for LabPiQture are now available through life insurers’ existing connection to ExamOne. This publication discusses how the rules were developed, Hannover Re’s rule building philosophy and the value this solution can bring to automated programs.

Hannover Re’s validation analysis of Driving Behavior 360


This article provides an overview of LexisNexis® Driving Behavior 360 and the incremental value it provides over standard MVRs.

Peer Mentoring


This article touches on what peer mentoring is and the different forms it can take.

Article on Society of Actuaries

HR | ReFlex + LabPiQture: An interview with Kevin Oldani and Heather Haslam


An interview around the team-up of ExamOne’s LabPiQture and Hannover Re’s hr | ReFlex.

Originally published in Hot Notes, Volume 21, Issue 11, November 2021.

The Evolution of LTC/Life Combination Products


The article summarizes some of the key changes in modeling, assumptions, underwriting, and design for long term care combo products over the past 30+ years.

Article on Society of Actuaries

Unleashing the true potential of automated underwriting | Digital Insurance


The pandemic has forced the industry to hasten its embrace of automation.

Article on Digital Insurance

Long COVID – An overview of a troubling legacy of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic virus


New guidance on the underwriting considerations of long COVID is now available in hr | Ascent.

Investing for America


The life insurance industry is there for people and businesses in times of financial need. Peter Schaefer shares how our investments in Florida spur economic growth and job creation.

Article on American Council of Life Insurers (acli)

The impact of COVID-19 on diseases of despair | Insurance Advocate


Understandably, there has been a focus in medicine and among governments on dealing with the devastating impact of the pandemic. However, there is less comment about the psychological effects of social isolation, the tsunami of grief as people cope with losses – all dovetailing with financial chaos, unemployment, and business closures.

Article on

A RAPA Update


One of the ways RAPA (Reinsurance Administration Professionals Association) addresses new challenges, shares ideas, and educates administration professionals is through our initiatives. RAPA currently has these initiatives in action: Education, Data Quality, Audit and Compliance, Risk Management, and Innovation.

Article on Society of Actuaries

Criminal History in Underwriting: Closing the Gaps with Improved Screening


A new criminal history screening tool offers improved results for underwriting

Can life insurers keep Millennials' attention as COVID fades?


The last year and a half has seen a dramatic reversal of a long-term trend where younger households didn't buy life insurance.

Article on the website of Digital Insurance

Treatment Related Very Low Levels of LDL-Cholesterol – Is there a Mortality Risk?


This paper explores the background changes to the low cholesterol guideline in hr | Ascent

Medical Records and Today’s Underwriting


Hannover Re can support clients in developing guidelines for EHRs (Electronic Health Records)

Alzheimer’s Disease: A challenging and devastating dementia


Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, with affected persons experiencing loss of memory, personality, independence and ultimately death from this neurodegenerative illness.

A new calculator tool in hr | Ascent to streamline underwriting hepatitis-B


Hepatitis B infection has always been a difficult topic for underwriters, in large part because of the complexity of the disease.

Optimizing the Underwriting Process with a Digital Cognitive Assessment


Hannover Re and Neurotrack have joined forces to bring an innovative cognitive assessment and engagement tool to the life market.

ExamOne & Hannover Re:  LabPiQture Collaborative Study


LabPiQture’s value in underwriting goes beyond protective value and lower mortality. LabPiQture has the potential to enable carriers to accelerate more of the right cases by providing both positive and negative signals for the underwriting triage decision.

Life Insurance Underwriting with EHR Data


EHRs can be a valuable underwriting tool for life insurers.

Power of Accelerated Underwriting


The industry has yet to tap the true potential of accelerated underwriting because the automation component has been missing.

E-Cigarettes and Severe Lung Disease


Severe lung disease linked to e-cigarettes and vaping in the US.

Digital Insurance


Answering Digitalization Questions in Life Insurance

Tony Laudato answers the key questions life insurance companies will have on their digitalization journeys.

Insurance Innovation Reporter


The Era of Digital Distribution: Reaching the Emerging Life Insurance Customer More Efficiently

Insurers are good at selling through traditional forms of distribution, but there is a large pool of younger customer prospects that must not be overlooked.

Digital Insurance


3 ways life insurers can embrace the nuances of digital marketing

Digital distribution is often conceived of too narrowly – something akin to ‘we’ll market via social media’, with little thought behind it. In reality the use of digital has multiple applications right through the whole sales process.

Reinsurance News


New Tech enables LH reinsurers to improve risk selection

The growing influence of advanced technology is enabling life and health insurers and reinsurers to improve the efficiency and robustness of the risk selection process, according to Tony Laudato, a Vice President (VP) at reinsurance giant Hannover Re.

Insurance Advocate


Getting the Hybrids on the Road

The continued decline of standalone long-term care policies seems inevitable, and the life insurance gap among Americans continues to widen. Hybrid policies offer an obvious solution, and are becoming increasingly popular - but the right approach will be needed for insurers to fully cast off their skepticism.

Insurance Business America


What can breathe new life into the waning life insurance industry?

The industry is not thriving as it used to be - the number of US households with life insurance has plunged.

Insurance Innovation Reporter


Resuscitating Life Insurance for the Digital Age

Companies that fail to adapt will find themselves scrabbling over an ever-dwindling pie of revenue, but those that do adapt could find themselves at the forefront of a new golden age of life insurance.


Digital Insurance


Why Hannover Re advises life carriers to go all-in on real-time.


Think Advisor


Could Hybrid Policies save the Long-Term Care Market?

Lingering producer scepticism toward life-LTC hybrids


Insurance Thought


2 Problems Present a Big Opportunity


Hybrid Life/LTCi: Breaking Down Barriers and Bridging Gaps


Finding the right long-term care plan is a big key to retirement planning, experts say.

Mortality Update: The Ultimate Onion


Mortality improvement (MI) is such an easy topic. Mortality has improved for at least 100+ years … what’s so tough about that? But as with most topics like this, it is the nuances and subtleties that make this a very interesting topic to discuss.

Rarely seen in Underwriting: While you were Sleeping…


Underwriters must stay informed to remain relevant in today’s past paced, ever changing environment.  Join us for a journey through a brief overview of today’s hottest discoveries which are changing healthcare as we know it.

Reprinted with the per­mission of "On The Risk", Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

Underwriting News – Travel Risks & Life Underwriting


Conditions within a country can change rapidly at any given time. When assessing and classifying an applicant’s travel-related risk, it is important for underwriters to review the relevant U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory information in its entirety.

Rarely seen in Underwriting Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC)


Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is an under-recognized cardiac condition characterized by ventricular arrhythmias and fibrous or fibro-fatty replacement of the myocardium.

Reprinted with the per­mission of "On The Risk", Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

Return on Capital Enhancement Opportunities for the Life Insurance Industry


Unlike products sold in most industries, life insurance is the sale of a promise to pay in the future, when vulnerable parties are in their greatest times of need.

Local, Regional and international Association News: Sixth Annual Texas – Wide Underwriting Conference


The Sixth Annual Texas-Wide Underwriting Conference (TWUC) was held Wednesday through Friday, October 5-7, 2016, in Waco, TX.

Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW): An Underappreciated Marker for Increased Mortality


This article defines red cell distribution width (RDW), its calculation, and factors that influence its level in the complete blood count (CBC).

Hot Notes – Dynamic Change in Underwriting


An Interview with Kevin Oldani.

New Life Insurance Underwriting Tools Enable Insurers to Meet Consumer Expectations

LOMA Resource, 2016-10

Many life insurers who are looking to stay ahead of the curve have already adopted accelerated underwriting.

Underwriting news – Credit programs


A well-crafted credit program can work. A correct model is consistent with both the fundamentals of underwriting and the latest buzz associated with predictive modeling.

Structured Reinsurance: An Alternative Capital Source for Health Plans’ Initiatives


Reinsurance can provide capital for health plans’ strategic initiatives such as funding new business growth or M&A activity.

All-cause mortality by type of motor vehicle violation


This paper analyzes all-cause mortality associated with different types of driving violations using data provided by LexisNexis®.

Underwriting Liver Function Tests


Routine medical blood testing and insurance screening commonly include tests used to measure the health of the liver called liver function tests (LFTs).

hr | Ascent new release


hr | Ascent The global guide for life underwriting - An overview of the February 2016 release and updates

hr | Ascent - ReWard


ReWard – An evidence-based credit program in hr | Ascent The global guide for life underwriting

hr | Ascent new release - Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions on the February 2016 release of hr | Ascent The global guide for life underwriting

Navigating the Changing Landscape

The Actuary, 2015-12/ 2016-01

The applications of economic capital models in multinational reinsurance

Red Cell Distribution Width (RDW)


Unfortunately measurement of the RDW is not possible in insurance blood profiles due to delays in processing and its effect on the red cell size, but it is readily available in most medical records.

Medical Marijuana: Where are we now?

On The Risk, 2015-06

This article reviews the full spectrum of issues associated with marijuana and its use in the medical environment. Basic facts about the drug, its historical background, and the past and present political issues surrounding its use are discussed.

Introducing Ask an Underwriter


We would like to introduce users of Ascent a new communication tool that offers direct access to our underwriters.

E-cigarettes and Risk Selection


Is all smoking the same? Since e-cigarettes are largely unregulated in the countries where they are used, the amount of nicotine they contain is highly variable.

Tele-Underwriting vs. Paramedical Collected Underwriting Information


ExamOne provided data that allowed us to compare tele-underwriting exam results with paramedical exam results on nicotine use and other medical questions.

Healthcare Finance News - Best Review


Innovative tools could become more important as organizations seek new ways to innovate, grow, and protect themselves against risk.

Innovation Showcase 2015 - Best Review


After the number of companies offering Long-Term Coverage (LTC) dwindled, Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America looked to help primary writers re-enter that market.

NTproBNP - An Update and Suggestions on How to Use It


NTproBNP may be used to help detect, diagnose and evaluate the severity of heart failure.

Underwriting News - Ebola


The current outbreak is the largest ever recorded and has occurred in West Africa, largely in three countries, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone where, as of this writing, over 14,000 cases with over 5,100 deaths have occurred.

MVR Underwriting Newsletter


Hannover Life Reassurance Company of America (HLR America) has partnered with LexisNexis to analyze Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) to determine the mortality implications associated with traffic violations.

Health Watch - October 2014


Opportunities and Challenges for Physician-Led Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) — A Recap of the ACO Learning Network Workshop.

Results of the 2014 SOA Member and Candidate Satisfaction & Engagement Survey

The Actuary, 2014-10

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) conducted its seventh survey of member and candidate satisfaction and engagement in early 2014.

Highlights of the 2014 AHOU Annual Conference

On The Risk, 2014-09

The Association of Home Office Underwriters AHOU conference included a fascinating talk on the digital revolution in medicine, a look at how the millennial generation is affecting the workplace, an update on the recent DSM-5 changes, a review of stem cell uses and therapies, and an overview of financial underwriting using tax returns.

Reprinted with the per­mission of On The Risk, Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

Highlights of the 2014 CIU Annual General Meeting

On The Risk, 2014-09

The 28th Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Institute of Underwriters was held May 28-30 in Montreal. Highlights included an informative presentation on surgical mortality, a review of cerebral aneurysms, a keynote address on global trends in the insurance industry, an overview on addictions and what the insurance industry needs to know about them, a review of alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and a look at predicting longevity.

Reprinted with the per­mission of On The Risk, Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

A New Response

Best’s Review, 2014-09

Hybrid life insurance/long-term care product sales are rising, but the industry must pay attention to pricing and risk mitigation techniques.

Closing reserve financing deal puts Primerica on track to executing capital strategy

SNL Financial, 2014-08

Closing Reserve financing deals puts Primerica on track to executing capital strategy Primerica entered into a surplus note purchase agreement with Hannover Life Reassurance Co. of America (Bermuda) Ltd., Hannover Life Reassurance Co. of America and BX8V8J LLC on July 31, 2014.

The Actuarial Profession: Many Roads can Lead to Rome

The Actuary, 2014-06/07

The diversity of educational experience within the Actuarial Profession.

Revitalizing Reinsurance Capacity

Contingencies, 2014-05

Life insurers can't continue to wait for the markets to resolve the impact the financial crisis has had on their capacity.

Hemoglobin as a potential Screening Test

Underwriting News, 2014-04

The management of older age mortality has proven difficult for many companies. Part of the reason for this is because the underwriting requirements that work well for young and middle ages, are not necessarily as effective at older ages. New underwriting tools may help better satisfy risk in the elderly. A cost effective, hassle-free, clinically accepted tool that may help is hemoglobin.

Depression and Anxiety: A Review

On The Risk, 2014-03

  • Reviews the overall spectrum of depressive and anxiety disorders including major depressive disorder, chronic depression, minor depression, dysthymia and the variety of anxiety disorders, with some special attention to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
  • The basics of suicide are discussed, including its epidemiology and risk factors and how prior suicide attempts influence mortality from a variety of causes. Included in this discussion is the role both depression and anxiety play in the occurrence of suicide.

The article is reprinted with the per­mission of On The Risk, Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

NTproBNP versus Resting EKGs

Underwriting News, 2014-02

  • NTproBNP is a hormone produced by the ventricles of the heart and is elevated in the setting of ventricular strain.
  • Recent literature has been expanding the correlations associated with NTproBNP.
  • In the life insurance industry, there is increased interest in its use as a replacement for resting EKGs.
  • This paper explores HLR America’s findings and opinions on the use of NTproBNP.

Implica­tions for the Use of Credits applied to Pre­ferred Knock-out Criteria

On The Risk, 2013-12

  • The debit/credit system for asses­sing risk is a corner­stone of indi­vidual life insurance underwriting.
  • This article explores the ramifi­cations of knock-out criteria preferred risk under­writing inter­twined with a debit/credit model.

The article is reprinted with the per­mission of On The Risk, Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

Interview with Peter Schaefer, CEO of Hannover Life Reassu­rance Company of America

Reinsurance News, 2013-07

  • How do we train new under­writers if we auto­mate the under­writing of the less difficult cases?
  • Sometimes the greatest value we can provide to clients is to help them to avoid a bad transaction.

The Future Is Now

Reinsurance News, 2013-07

Life insurers must care­fully address the premium levels for large term in-force blocks that are now entering their renewal periods.

Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm

On The Risk, 2013-06

This article discusses irregu­larities often seen by under­writers invol­ving the thoracic aorta and the risk of aneurysm.

The article is reprinted with the per­mission of On The Risk, Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

Middle Market & Simpli­fied Issue – How Simple Is It?

On The Risk, 2013-06

This article touches on a number of factors that should be consi­dered when a carrier is consi­dering a move into the Simpli­fied Issue Market or reviewing an existing Simpli­fied Issue Program.

The article is reprinted with the per­mission of On The Risk, Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

The Simila­rities Between Life Table Analysis and Multi­variate Cox Models

On The Risk, 2013-03

This article investi­gates the relation­ship between clinical medical research, along with the statis­tical tech­niques applied to those articles, and compares those results to results achieved con­ducting a morta­lity study using life table tech­niques and actuarial mortality tables.

The article is reprinted with the per­mission of On The Risk, Journal of the Academy of Life Under­writing.

The Impact of Life

Best’s Review, 2012-12

How mortality improve­ment affects the life insu­rance industry today.

Point/Counter­point: Should Tread­mill Stress ECGs continue to be used as an “Age/Amount” Screening Test in Life Under­writing?

On The Risk, 2011-12

On The Risk is reintro­ducing a feature which last appeared during the first decade of OTR’s exis­tence – a yearly Point/Counter­point article to encou­rage readers to discuss and research the different points of view that exist regarding specific under­writing topics.

Finding the Bottom

Best’s Review, 2011-07

Cession rates for the life rein­surance market continued to decline in 2010.
New premium was up for direct market writers in the first quarter, but challenges persist.

Article (on

SCOR deal breathes new Life into the Sector

Reinsurance Magazine, 2011-05

SCOR’s recent acqui­sition of Trans­america Re’s mor­tality business from AEGON has once again high­lighted the attrac­tions of life business to rein­surers who are trying to build multi-line platforms.

High Pressure

Best’s Review, 2011-04

  • Medical stop-loss rein­surance continues to play a vital role in con­taining employers’ health care costs.
  • Managing general under­writers, who origi­nally handled these programs, have lost market share to large direct writers.
  • Health care refor­m and highly disci­plined under­writing tools offer growth opportu­nities to Managing General Underwriters (MGUs).