Our organisation has been successful in ensuring a closer proximity to our clients as well as contributing to the service quality we deliver to you.

Realignments of countries and business lines within this organisation have now taken place to further strengthen our customer relationships and to adapt to regulatory changes. These can be seen under Board member responsibilities.

There are some elements of our Property & Casualty strategy we are keen to intensify further. The position of preferred reinsurer to our clients has become a key element of our customer relationship management. On our side we offer reliable service standards as well as solutions which add value for both parties.

At the same time, in order to act as a sustainable and reliable partner, active risk management has a high priority. This involves, among other things, adequate reserving, sound pricing and control of accumulated risk exposures. With your assistance we strive for an excellent data quality whilst ensuring high security standards and integrity.

We are also in the process of further intensifying our cooperation with the Life & Health business group. From this cooperation we anticipate significant synergies to the benefit in particular of those companies writing life and health and property and casualty business.

We look forward to assisting you with our diversified product range and expertise.

Yours faithfully,


Sven Althoff
Member of the Executive Board

Sharon Ooi
Member of the Executive Board

Dr. Michael Pickel
Member of the Executive Board

Silke Sehm
Member of the Executive Board