Hannover Re has been writing aviation and space treaty business for well over 30 years. Today we are recognised as one of the leading reinsurers in non-proportional and proportional aviation and space business worldwide.

Our responsibilities

We write all lines of aviation and space business on both a facultative and treaty basis. 

On the treaty side we write and are prepared to lead both proportional and non-proportional reinsurance structures. Reinsurance solutions are provided for all levels of airline programmes as well as all GA reinsurance structures on a domestic and worldwide basis.

We can offer significant capacity for non-proportional programmes including risk excess layers and tend to support all available aviation reinsurance purchases of a client. On the proportional side we only target business with an above-average profit potential based on the client's special knowledge and/or leadership position within a line of business or due to the client's unique access to the ceded business thanks to its regional position.

Classes/underwriting centres

We are prepared to look at all classes of aviation and space insurance and reinsurance. The underwriting of treaty business is concentrated in Hannover, Germany. With our UK subsidiary, the International Insurance Company of Hannover, we have additional direct and facultative capabilities in London and Stockholm within our Group.


Our goal is to offer our clients - insurance companies as well as brokers - solutions that are perfectly tailored to their needs and specifications. We try to offer service levels in all aspects of our business that are recognised as best practice.