Facultative Property

We write commercial, industrial and telecom business including material damage, business interruption and terrorism.

Our portfolio also includes:

  • Power
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Stand Alone Terrorism
  • Stand Alone Natural Perils

Undesired Risks: Mfg foamed plastic, livestock, wood, licensed vehicles.

Facultative Engineering

We write erection and construction projects (CAR / EAR including Oil&Gas projects), as well as Civil Engineering Completed risks (CECR), Electronic Equipment (EEI) and machinery breakdown (MB).

Optional covers within the CAR/EAR policies:

  • Third Party Liability
  • CPE
  • S&T

Facultative Third Party Liability

We write General, Public, Products, Employers and Auto Liability for product manufacturers, construction projects, transportation, energy suppliers, oil and mining contractors. Our underwriting also includes pollution liability, underground employers' liability and failure to supply.

Coverage form: Standard market form.

Trigger forms: Occurrence, Claims Made Proportional and Non-Proportional reinsurance can be provided. Ceding companies must have qualified claims departments or work with qualified loss adjusters for enabling us to support risks on a proportional basis.

Special Consideration: For chemical risks with significant exposure in USA, we might provide a lower facultative capacity.

Standard exclusions: Automobile industry, port operators, airports, warehouses and pharmaceutical risks with exposure in USA.

Facultative Financial Lines BBB

The range of business in our underwriting is diversified within the financial institutions universe. As part of the Operational Risk management, this insurance protects institutions against losses from a variety of criminal acts within its own organisation and from outside.

Undesired Risks (if not adequately sublimited): Risks without dual control, joint custody, internal and external audits. Financial institutions without good financial conditions. Risks with less than three years in operations.


We write commercial crime in a very diversified activities going from the middle segment (small/middle commercial risks) up to high value risks in all kind of industries.

This insurance is designed to protect the companies from many types of crime, including when employees decide they are entitled to the company's inventory or a thief robs them.

Frauds are more complex and involve larger sums than ever before. New scams are constantly encountered, including the latest rise in 'hacking' where third parties transfer funds to unspecified accounts and destinations.

Undesired Risks (if not adequately sublimited): Mining, gambling, pharmaceutical, pawnshops, jewellery shops, cash in transit, entities without good financial conditions, less than three years in operation.


We write D&O for a wide range of activities and segments. We protect the board and management within the entities from being sued for anything that they had to do in relation to their duties and responsibilities as afforded to them by the specific company they are working for.

Undesired Risks (if not adequately sublimited): Mining, gambling, pharmaceutical, pawnshops, jewellery shops, cash in transit, entities without good financial conditions, less than three years in operation.


We provide coverage for errors and omissions coverage for many professions, activities, companies, and associations. Accusations of negligence or the failure to perform your professional services are things that any professional services business can be sued for, even if it hasn't made a mistake.

Undesired Risks: Security activities, health institutions, risks without good financial conditions,and less than three years in operation.

For architects and engineers we focused in design activities. For single projects we will ask for contract and description of the activities to be developed. Medical malpractice is written in Germany.

Facultative Marine

Our goal is to work closely together with our cedants -direct or through brokers- to find the best coverage-solutions for their clients (importers, exporters, manufacturers and distributors, logistics providers, wholesalers and retailers), tailored to their needs and specifications.

We will focus on the development of a Cargo-Portfolio with a good mix of different types of cargos. We write annual cargo policies, but at the same time also offer coverage for voyage risks and facilities for single-shipments. With our reinsurance-capacity, we can support our cedants on larger and more complex risks such as Proyect-Cargo + DSU.