Hannover Re is one of the largest providers of tailor-made reinsurance solutions worldwide. Thanks to our many years of experience and our actuarial, balance sheet, accounting and underwriting expertise, our clients are able to profit from reinsurance solutions that are optimally tailored to their needs and can access a comprehensive range of services. Our product range is geared to reducing and optimising the cost of capital for our ceding companies.

Hannover Re's Structured Reinsurance expertise commenced in the late 1970s. When in the 1980s time and distance covers were still considered state-of-the-art balance sheet management tools, Hannover Re had already designed and led complex blended transactions with significant insurance risk transfer.

The geographical scope was successfully broadened in the mid-1990s to become a worldwide provider of customised solutions. Today, we are structuring and underwriting transactions to protect values, earnings, and surplus of insurance companies in the most comprehensive way.