Advanced Solutions

  • is a specialised team providing complex and innovative reinsurance solutions
  • is one of the leading markets for structured and tailor-made reinsurance
  • consistently earns high marks for client and broker satisfaction

Structured reinsurance

If you are looking to complement your traditional reinsurance needs through

  • more cost-efficient reinsurance structures
  • relief on temporary strain on surplus (e.g. during growth)
  • benefit from own diversification (over time and between lines of business)
  • control of excess frequency when you increase your net retention

with a varying degree of risk transfer - then Advanced Solutions is your partner of choice.

Tailor-made solutions

We believe that solutions are found by focussing on the question rather than on a concept or product and hence “listen first” is always our principle.

Therefore, we are looking forward to listen to your challenge in order to develop and discuss an individual idea for a solution.

Aggregate Covers

With a holistic view on risk management you may identify risks not covered by the existing reinsurance protection. The Aggregate Cover protects risks being tail end driven by severity and/or frequency of losses. Hence the Aggregate Cover allows for optimising the capital allocation in an RBC environment by cutting e.g. the 99.5% Value at Risk.