HRT aspires to be the leader in retakaful business worldwide by growing its business profitably offering client centric solutions and innovative products. In so doing it strives to satisfy new and existing market demand, while keeping costs within acceptable limits.

The company is committed to:

  • Actively contribute to the growth and development of the Islamic insurance industry in accordance with Sharia principles by being flexible and innovative in its products and services.
  • Build and develop long-term business relationships with its clients by cultivating mutually beneficial profit and growth opportunities.
  • Be the Operator of choice for Sharia-compliant insurance companies and products.
  • Secure growth into selected products and markets, creating value for stakeholders.
  • Engage with the relevant regulatory bodies to contribute in shaping the future regulations that will define the scope of (re)takaful.
  • Develop, nurture and train young professionals in the field of retakaful

Hannover ReTakaful recognizes the needs of its clients and stresses the cultivation of mutually beneficial profit and growth opportunities. The company considers relationship with its clients as long term partnership which is nurtured with transparency and a proactive approach. This is achieved with clear channels of communication working both ways, to ensure continuous flow of feedback for optimum results.

HRT has a highly streamlined claims settlement process, which strives to settle claims timeously and maximize operation efficiency while minimizing costs.

Personnel include a team of highly skilled professionals in all areas of operations. The company provides extensive training in order to nurture underwriters who are able to understand the works of the conventional insurance and in co-operation with the Sharia scholars are able to apply the principles to retakaful. This eventually feeds into the innovative nature of the company and ability to provide clients with expert and efficient solutions.

HRT works in close co-operation with the regulators especially the Central Bank of Bahrain and Bank Negara Malaysia and various industry associations for open exchange of ideas, feedback and to establish regulations that are geared towards stability and sound conduct of business practices to promote healthy growth of international retakaful market.

Mr Mahomed Akoob, Managing Director of the Company expresses it perfectly:

“Overall we are optimistic of good growth in the takaful industry and will continue in pioneering the further development of standards and contribute to the further learning of ReTakaful. In that journey we pride ourselves as the torch bearers.”