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ReCent Actuarial News sheds light on current actuarial topics related to product features, initially focusing on longevity products. Going forward articles will also touch on related topics such as risk management, pricing methods, statistics and data analysis.

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ReCent Medical News

ReCent Medical News is published for claims managers, medical underwriters and of course any other interested party worldwide. It deals with current medical topics related to risk assessment by providing additional beneficial insights into recent medical research from around the world of life insurance, as well as case studies and new essential techniques in risk assessment.

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Special edition: Adult-onset monogenic diseases

The life insurance industry generally recognizes 13 so-called adult-onset monogenic diseases that represent the most commonly seen genetic disorders that start in adulthood and are caused by a single mutated gene. Our global medical experts recently completed an underwriting review of all conditions. Stay tuned for a  series of short articles highlighting important medical underwriting information for each condition.

Read the latest issue on polycystic kidney disease here.

Date Description Link
2023-12-20 ReCent Medical News: Cardiac biomarkers in life risk assessment Read more
2023-06-13 ReCent Medical News: Heart Rate Variability Read more


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ReCent Perspectives

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Edition 1 | April 2024: Dr. Yinglin Zhang on data analytics

Data is hailed as 'the new gold', and life & health insurers have access to a wealth of it. However, it is only through professional analysis that its true value can be unlocked. This insightful interview with Dr. Yinglin Zhang delves into the world of data and explores the transformative power of data analytics for insurance companies:
ReCent Perspectives | April 2024