Hannover Re has exten­sive experi­ence and exper­tise in all aspects of deve­loping proposi­tions de­signed to protect the lives, life­styles, and fami­lies of those aged over 60 (60+).

With progres­sively ageing socie­ties and a gradual with­drawal of state support in most deve­loped eco­nomies around the world, older people face increa­sing chal­lenges in provi­ding for their retire­ment and care needs in later life.

This fast changing eco­nomic and demo­graphic environ­ment is creating a growing demand for products designed specifi­cally for those aged 60+. At the same time, it is becoming increa­singly clear that tradi­tional product struc­tures do not always serve this older demo­graphic well.

At Hannover Re we recog­nise the impor­tance of this market and the diver­sity of require­ments and poten­tial product solu­tions it encom­passes. We are strongly com­mitted to wor­king with our clients to design new and inno­vative proposi­tions which better posi­tion them to meet the needs of 60+ indivi­duals, extend their port­folios, and contri­bute to a more resi­lient society for the future.

Our clients benefit from the leading role we have secured through pio­neering new approa­ches in areas such as en­hanced annui­ties, imme­diate annui­ties, and longe­vity risk.

Through our exten­sive involve­ment in this type of busi­ness, we have deve­loped a deep insight into morta­lity and morbi­dity experi­ence among older lives. This pro­vides us with a sound know­ledge base from which to work with clients on deve­loping the next gene­ration of 60+ products.

Our partners also benefit, of course, from our global exper­tise in product design and develop­ment, actua­rial pricing, medical under­writing, distri­bution and marke­ting – and from our flexi­bility and open­ness to explo­ring new ideas.

All of this makes Hannover Re a power­ful partner for any com­pany see­king to design pro­ducts in the 60+ market segment.