We consciously prefer to fill leadership positions internally and thereby give qualified, dedicated members of staff opportunities for advancement. At the same time, however, our lean organisation with a clear hierarchical structure means that the availability of leadership positions is limited and not every employee with managerial ambitions can be suitably promoted. Nevertheless, in view of the considerable scope of responsibility and room for creativity that a position can encompass, we believe that we offer interesting jobs with extensive opportunities for development.

Employees of our company who take on a managerial role are routinely supported and assisted through a range of seminars. Individual coaching activities, communication seminars geared to specific target groups and regular updates on leadership issues are also provided.

Managerial staff at Hannover Re go through a process known as management feedback at regular intervals. In this context, managers are evaluated anonymously by their staff and their own supervisor. The findings are discussed in a moderated workshop and translated into measures. Our managers thus have the opportunity to reflect on their own conduct and to identify individually tailored measures to enhance their leadership performance.