Onboarding with us

How to start with us

We have come up with a few ideas to help you feel at home from day one, because we know that success requires good well-being. We create a tailor-made work environment for you with these four elements:

Your onboarding buddy

On your first day, your onboarding buddy will meet you at the reception and take you to your division. You will meet your new team and your regular contacts. Your onboarding buddy will be with you for the first few days and weeks to help you settle into your new environment and responsibilities. You will be provided with your own laptop and personal email address. On your first day, you will also receive your employee card, which will allow you access to the building and to our canteens.

Your orientation plan

We have prepared for your start with us. Your team has already drawn up a structured orientation plan. It will help you get off to a good start in the first few weeks and will provide you with a reliable guide.

"My start at Hannover Re was very good. I particularly liked the fact that my colleagues took a lot of time for me during my orientation and were always willing to answer my questions. This also applied to enquiries from contacts with whom I had no previous experience."

Your 100-day review

After three months, you will meet with your line manager and the responsible Business Advisor from the HR division for a 100-day review. The focus is on feedback on how the first few weeks have gone – from your perspective and, of course, from ours. This enables us to identify and implement opportunities for improvement together at an early stage.

Your introduction to reinsurance

Reinsurance isn't something you usually learn about at university, which is why we take the time to familiarise you with the subject. We offer intensive, international induction programmes called ReEssentials to give you the best possible start. These courses provide you with a wide range of business insights, from the basics of reinsurance and the specifics of underwriting to the ins and outs of technical accounting. This will prepare you well for your respective role. Fostering our We-Spirit is a matter close to our hearts. We learn together and laugh together, and you'll enjoy our friendly atmosphere. Our ReEssentials also give you plenty of space to network, meet new people and exchange ideas.

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