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Good leadership is crucial to a company's success. That is why, together with our managers, we have developed a sophisticated, shared understanding of our leadership culture. Find out more here.

Our Leadership Fundamentals

Our leaders promote a sense of purpose in their work and are committed to lifelong learning and the well-being of our employees. Our Leadership Fundamentals, with their six dimensions, represent an ambitious and group-wide shared understanding of our leadership culture. They are based on our values and how we see ourselves.

It's about the how

How we lead, how we think, feel, act and build trust in newly formed teams working in a global environment is the key to our success. We recognise that leading a high performing team can be challenging. Add to this the complexity of newly formed teams, virtual working, different time zones, cultures, languages, legislation and priorities, and it becomes even more challenging.

Our role models

As role models, our managers are committed to holistic leadership and strive to maintain good working relationships with all employees in the Hannover Re Group. In this way, our managers create a greater sense of purpose in their work and support the lifelong learning and well-being of our employees.

Our range of programmes

We support our managers with a range of programmes that start at entry level and continue at every stage of their career. Each programme is more challenging than the last and helps our managers to develop further.

The LEAD programme

With our LEAD programme, our managers benefit from a special development programme offered exclusively to (future) team leaders and managers. Based on Hannover Re's Leadership Fundamentals, LEAD creates a common understanding of good leadership and forms the basis for our daily interaction with our teams, colleagues and clients. We empower our managers to implement our values and Leadership Fundamentals in the organisation worldwide and to build a global network.

LEAD: Team Leaders Class 1

"Our understanding of good leadership at Hannover Re is 'somewhat different'. While traditional management focuses on the success of the company, we focus on our employees, who enable us to grow through their commitment, ingenuity and dedication. Empowerment and mutual trust play a central role. That is why the Leadership Portfolio at Hannover Re is a direct translation of our Leadership Fundamentals into practice: 'Walk the Talk'!“

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