Our purpose & values

Doing things differently – that's what sets us apart

We invited a wide range of employees around the world to help us define who we are and what our values are. The result is a purpose statement and three unifying values that are fully embraced by our more than 3,500 employees in their daily work. Find out more here.

Beyond risk-sharing – we team up to create opportunities

Our purpose statement describes what drives us: by giving people and businesses access to insurance and reinsurance protection, we give them the chance to recover from adversity and look to the future. We do this hand in hand with our customers and partners to achieve more than just the status quo.

Drive, Responsibility, We-Spirit

These three values define us as a company and have served as a framework for developing tangible cultural factors in our daily interactions. We value what unites us. We all contribute to our collective success, value each other, welcome diversity and engage in straightforward, respectful dialogue. We are pragmatic and prefer to work on solutions rather than discuss the problem at length: quickly, with short decision-making paths, flexibly and undogmatically.

Somewhat different

We are meeting the challenges of the future with our "somewhat different" approach. We are driven by customer relationships based on partnership. We see ourselves and our values as building on our strengths and looking to the future. To secure our market position among the top reinsurers, we combine proven strengths with our partnership approach. Together, we create freedom of action and pragmatic solutions for our clients. This is not typical in our industry, but it is what makes us different.

The right way to search, find and join

Are you looking for a new, exciting job? We can help you find it and get started quickly and successfully. From the right job advertisement to the right application tips and onboarding, you can find everything you need to know about the application process here.

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Getting to know each other? Good idea.

Are you interested in varied tasks and real opportunities for advancement? We have plenty of them. Get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

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