Profession: Data science, Data analytics

Is data your world?

Do you have a thorough understanding of the systematic collection and preparation of data, as well as its processing and modelling? Excellent. We offer many opportunities for experts in data science and data analytics.

Working as a Data scientist / Data analytics expert

Employees with a master's degree in computer science, mathematics, physics, statistics, data science or a comparable qualification with a solid IT and mathematical background can choose from a wide range of roles within our company. In divisions such as our IT department, the focus is on supporting specialist departments with data analysis projects and disseminating new machine learning methods. Your job will be to answer specific questions based on data. In addition, data scientists/analysts share experiences and technologies through a global community of meetups and conferences to learn together and from each other.

"The corporate culture was one of the main reasons why I joined Hannover Re. It is refreshing to see that a large, successful international company values its employees and their personal development and has a very collegial working environment and flat hierarchy. Daily work is characterised by a diversity of topics, mutual support, trust and personal responsibility, which is both challenging and supportive".

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We offer data science as a service to our clients. As a data scientist or data analytics expert, you will help us systematically store and process data and enrich it with additional information There are many ways to join our team: for example, as a data scientist in underwriting or risk management, where you can support your colleagues with in-depth data analysis. Or in IT, helping the divisions with their data analytics projects, with a more technical, cross-departmental focus. There are also data analyst roles for client advisory and internal analysis. These are some of the specialist areas in which your expertise could be utilised:


This is where expert reports are drawn up, loss scenarios are run through, and contracts are formulated.

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Our IT division takes care of technology service, development, networking and much more.

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Are you somewhat different?  

We value a common cultural understanding. Can you relate to the following points? You fit into our "somewhat different" culture if... 

  • You have a strong sense of community and responsibility for others. 
  • You value new and different perspectives. 
  • You put your ego aside to pursue the greater goals of the team. 
  • You have a "let's work together" attitude. 
  • You work together with team members as equals. 
  • You actively seek dialogue and are willing to learn from others. 
  • You see obstacles as stepping stones to new experiences. 
  • You are bold, curious and eager to share your knowledge and implement new ideas. 

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