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As a law graduate, you can use your expertise in our Group Legal Services department, in underwriting or in the human resources management. You will find exciting roles with plenty of room for initiative in all departments.

Working as a lawyer 

Our work is as diverse as the people who make up our team. Depending on the department you work in, you will be involved in a variety of legal areas, both case-related and conceptual: drafting and reviewing contracts and advising our internal clients on specific legal issues. Alongside this, you may also be involved in other activities such as the development of policies and the drafting of model contracts. You will also have the opportunity to raise awareness of legal issues in the underwriting process, compliance and data protection among colleagues from different departments through internal training sessions.

"The respectful interaction within the team and the friendly corporate culture made my move to Hannover Re much easier. The variety of my tasks allows me to deal with a wide range of legal issues and to develop my skills on an ongoing basis, for example by attending seminars. I particularly appreciate working in a globally oriented company with staff from different disciplines and countries. This results in a wide variety of perspectives."

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Lawyers have access to a wide range of roles within our organisation. Within our central legal department, Group Legal Services, and its three divisions Corporate Matters, Claims & Reinsurance and Compliance, we handle all aspects of compliance and legal matters and provide centralised advice worldwide. Our aim is to protect and safeguard the legal position of the Hannover Re Group. We look after our reinsurance operations, provide compliance support and advise on various areas including corporate, capital markets, financial and IT law. Communication with colleagues and clients from primary insurance companies, brokers and researchers is also an important part of the job. These are some of the specialist areas in which your expertise could be utilised

Group Risk Management  

This department is concerned with the identification, quantification and management of risks.

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  • You put your ego aside to pursue the greater goals of the team. 
  • You have a "let's work together" attitude. 
  • You work together with team members as equals. 
  • You actively seek dialogue and are willing to learn from others. 
  • You see obstacles as stepping stones to new experiences. 
  • You are bold, curious and eager to share your knowledge and implement new ideas. 

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