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Medicine has always been driven by scientific innovation. Medical risk assessment is therefore an important part of our work, and one in which you, as a medical professional, can provide us with excellent support. Our interdisciplinary team of doctors, actuaries and insurance specialists are looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about your expertise.

Working as a medical professional

Employees with a degree in human medicine support our Life & Health Division or Technical Underwriting with a variety of tasks. These include consolidating global medical advances and adapting them to regional conditions or assessing the risks and benefits of various insurance products such as life, accident, pension and disability insurance in Germany and internationally. You can also help us with training and development programmes (particularly in the areas of underwriting and claims) in global underwriting or with the coordination of global medical underwriting.


"For me, working at Hannover Re means variety. On the one hand, in terms of my area of responsibility, which is constantly evolving and therefore presents new challenges, but also in terms of the diversity of the working environment. Working with international colleagues, both at Hannover Re's various locations and in Hannover itself, brings many new positive aspects and enjoyment to my daily work."

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As a medical professional, you will use your practical experience and expertise to support our underwriting, particularly in medical risk assessment. We can also use your expertise to design and optimise our services, such as disability and accident insurance. Reviewing and analysing quotes, assessing risks and liaising with our clients will certainly be part of your role, but you will also be responsible for sharing your knowledge through training and seminars. In addition to your experience and expertise, this will require a strong analytical mindset.


This is where expert reports are drawn up, loss scenarios are run through, and contracts are formulated.

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